HipHop - Samurai Champloo AMV - Music by Me literally

I was watching Samurai Champloo alot this week and i was bored and made and song about samurais (TOTAL GEEKNESS) =]

Title: Samurai Blade
Artist: Hona
Video: Suckafish08

Rate 1-10 =].

The layering and overall quality of the sounds you use are wonderful

The only thing I believe is lacking is a definitive bassline, but that would be hard to do without causing conflict with the cellos. Other than that, I wish you had some better drums samples, while the programming itself is perfect for what you’ve done the bass kick and snare don’t have that much presence

I’m torn between an 8 and a 9

Thankx man, A guy i recently met made the beat, and let me use it for a mixtape. I agree that a bassline would’ve been good but it woulda made everything else off key/tone.