Hironobu Sakaguchi's The Last Story


So apperantly this is coming out in a few days. From what I know it came out over seas sometime last year and there was a big uproar about it not coming to the states, to the point Nintendo decided to release it here.

I think it looks pretty cool. I like the look of the party members, armor systems and the combat. The combat looks really cool to me.

I was wondering if anyone has gotten to play this yet and what their opinion on it was.

Trailers for those insterested.


Edit: Heh that pictures bigger then I thought…

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This game is freaking amazing. Got a Wii for this and Xenoblade Chronicles, probably the best gaming decision I made in my life.

It’s slightly ironic that the Wii has arguably the top 2 rpgs this gen


This is a great game.


fuck, wish i had a wii


Wii’s are pretty cheap… not hard to pick one up for this.


I thought I severed ties with Nintendo and now you do this to me?


For the few J-RPG fans left out there, the Wii is the console to look at. Xenoblade, The Last Story, and there’s another one coming out next month (Pandora’s Tower) that’s pretty high-profile.

That and Sonic Colors are all I use my Wii for.

Also, the art is amazing in this game. The title/logo art is gorgeous. I think I like this artist’s stuff better than Yoshitaka Amano.

I’ve been watching a playthrough for a few hours, and this game looks amazing. Don’t watch the playthrough, though. I’m spoiling the shit out of myself because I probably won’t be able to get the game any time soon. Just wait for 7 more days and buy/play it yourselves.

That theme song… Uematsu so gdlk.


I’m curious about this…If you remember what it is please let me know.


oh yeah have this game reserved and fully looking forward to it!


I just edited my post :tup:

It’s Pandora’s Tower.


That’s what I thought you were alluding too…I must have missed when this was announced for NA or you live in a different region.


Actually, it’s only confirmed for EU. I live in NA, but I figured if it’s coming out for EU, NA mustn’t be far behind.


None of those games would have come to NA if it wasn’t for Operation Rainfall. At least NOA had some sense in them and listened to the fans, unlike Capcom. MML3 canceled. AAI2 not getting localized. DmC 30 fps.


I pre-ordered this game without watching any videos. I just went by word of mouth.


Anything to support Hironobu Sakaguichi. :tup:


Hahahaha, actually, NoA had nothing to do with getting this game to USA. It was Atlus. Thus, Rainfall was either misdirected or only indirectly effective. But Atlus recently released a statement that Rainfall had very little to do with getting this stateside, and why.

Anyway, this game is fucking badass. I beat it once then immediately beat it again (dope replay value). One of my very favorite gaming experiences from now all the way back to 1985.


I might just buy a Wii and see if I can connect it to my Dell LCD screen or something.


A few more trailers.



Oh yes.

By the way, there is also ONLINE MULTIPLAYER and CO-OP in this game.


Kind of surprised this thread is so dead.
Well finally picked this game up.
Really digging it so far.
Question tho, any idea if the Wii remote or the classic controller feel better for this?
I planned on ordering one anyway for Ff3.
For me personally just feels better playing it on a console rather then emulating.
just a relic of the times I guess.

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I liked it better with Wiimote for sure.


I picked this up last week and have only had a chance to play it once which was why I didn’t post my impressions yet.

I will say I like what I’ve seen so far. The combats really fun so far and I love the art design for the game, and the music is dope. I’m hoping the story has the main characcter man up tho, he’s kind of wet blanket at the moment. Also fuck having to outrun those guards…that was annoying. Otherwise loving it. I’ve also only tried it with my Wii-Mote. Haven’t tried it with the classic controller yet. I will say when flipping through the control set ups I was disappointed to see no optimized configuration for the Classic Controller.

Pro Tip: For anyone just picking this up the FIRST thing you need to do is go into the options menu and set the battle system from Auto to Manual.