Hispanic Beauty Queen Stripped of Crown, Told to "Lay Off Tacos"

Racial stereotyping aside, how in God’s name is that too fat?

Amurrica: We <3 Kate Moss clones.

wow, what a non beauty queen face

5’9" and 129 lbs isn’t that bad really though.

Still, shame about that face :frowning:


I personally don’t see a problem with her face.


I’d tap that, stand back and admire my work :coffee:

the face in the article is really average if you ask me. the picture you are linking wasn’t in the article.

Most girls/women in the media look average without make up and lighting/photoshop.

truer words have never been spoken. i’m in total agreement. women are spectacular illusionists…

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updated pic is still average. Definitely not worthy of a Miss ________ title. I’d hit it, yes. But I wouldn’t put a sash and crown on her.

Unless San Antonio is really just THAT hurting for ladies

I love you to death, Corey (yes, gov. name), but c’mon, son.

When your modus upinherthighs is strictly Korean…

C’mon son… c’mon.

Now, as far as this girl goes.

Having lived in the greater Phoenix area for the last two years, I can safely assert that this girl is the skinniest Hispanic lass I have seen in quite some time.

As I see it.

You’re not in a position to complain about faces with that avatar you have.

Mileena doesn’t take no for an answer.

Or yes, for that matter

lmao lay off the tacos

i can just imagine some floaty prissy plasticpants gelled up bleachblond homocameraman saying that

Need a moist towelette now, do you?

As I wish I didn’t see you seeing it.

We’re apparently all overweight, but all our women are just too thin at the same time. We love our curves, but we gotta lose that last few pounds. Someone tell these females to sort their shit out already. :nono:

This is what comes with pageantry shit. Rather stupid if you ask me, since in sports you don’t take away awards when players start to suck. Oh well 5,9 - 129 lbs isn’t overweight, but she probably didn’t work out so all the weight is left in the belly. Plus camera adds on a few pounds so yea, I can see why they told her to lose some weight, but stripping the title is a little harsh imo.



Are you kidding me? 5’9 129 lbs is downright scrawny. At 5’9 I’d expect a healthy, athletic female to be around 140 lbs or so minimum. At that height, the military gives females around 170 lbs.

We’re talking about healthy women. The ones that can actually run around and do stuff. Not the prissy little queens these days that can’t even carry their own grocery bags. There’s a huge difference between a healthy, fit woman and a scrawny pole in dire need of a sammich.

Women for some reason have decided they want to be in the latter category, and claim men forced them to, just like they always claim for everything they want to do but don’t want to admit they want to do. Trust me the average man likes women with some meat on their bones, with big boobs and nice womanly curves. I don’t want to be afraid of breaking something while I’m pounding it in there, and I want her to actually be able to keep up in bed.

All we can see is her face and shoulders…she could be telling the truth, but until we get a full-body pic…be wary.

I would still hit.