History of Competitive Gaming

I’m a bit curious here. I’ve only really cared about learning more about the competitive gaming community in the past couple of years and I was wondering if I could get some more info, maybe from someone with some personal experience. I want to date as far back as the 80’s for public game tournaments. How big they were compared to now and how popular they were versus then and now.

I know in some ways it could have been just a little more popular since with the popularity of arcades people didn’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a console to play games, they could just drop a few quarters at the local arcade. In this sense I’m talking about both serious competition and casual competition. I think Nintendo held a national tourney for Pokemon back in the day, I’m unacknowledged on the turn out and the commercial success of that event. All info is appreciated.

here is a start


it all started when dan edwards challenged alan kotok in a first to ten money match in SpaceWar.

na it started with street fighter 2 everyone should know how broken Guile was, and Sim was top also

Check out Twin Galaxies. Not sure about tournaments per se but they are the purveyors of world records for arcade games.

That was interesting. Thank you.

1994 Official Capcom Super Street Fighter 2 Tournament [media=youtube]urkKKXlJdy4[/media]

… I hope you’re kidding. People were competing way before SF2.

There were games before SF2? :wtf:

Anyone have any info on anything besides fighting games in competition that they would like to share?

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.

Oh yeah I had forgotten about that, but that’s a little recent. Off subject for a moment what do you all think needs to be done for competitive gaming to become more mainstream and recognized as a legitimate sport? You know eventually having cable networks that film the tournaments and major companies sponsoring them, instead of the only real way right now to watch tournaments is through the internet. I want to have a house party somebody for Evo like the NFL fans have the superbowl parties.

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All of the above?

History of competitive gaming?

Sure there once was a guy (lets call him guy A). He gamed with another guy (Guy B). Guy A played Guy B. Then after a while they both wanted to win and it got competitive.

This topic seems sort of vague so let’s play. What exactly are we talking about here?

SF/Capcom series?
There have been a lot of great threads about this in our FGD subforum. As a start, Here are a couple that I really enjoyed.
You can dig up things pretty easily if you use Google to do a site-specific search, like this:

Fighting games as a whole?
The knowledge is spread across the communities (still alive or now dead) for individual titles and series. This isn’t exactly textbook history so you’d be better off asking which ones have been the most popular and skimming for a brief overview of each one. There are lots of little rundowns on the internet scattered across fan blogs and whatever.

Video games in general?
This is going to be pretty closely tied with the evolutionary history of video game development. Competition extends by definition beyond direct competition games (where the actions of one player directly affect the situation of another player) and into indirect competition games (where the actions of one player have no in-game affect on another player). Also keep in mind that people have always compared results in arbitrary parameters in video games that do not emphasize or even give any actually in-game measurements of achievement or merit; these are player-created metagames and they apply in particular (most often) to single-player games.

GAMES, period?
Classical games with formalized rule sets get a lot older than card games and board games, and no such a discussion can claim any sort of completeness without a heavy consideration of athletic sports and judged performance arts. Things are going to get blurry the further we look back, too; humans have been making games for themselves and each other probably ever since they were humans, and probably before that too. We could have an stimulating academic round-table discussion about how our wants for amusement/entertainment and our interest in competition relate both to our natural Darwinian instincts and to each other, and how the formation of games extends from this. Or we could just stick to a raw game theory style of analysis. Was there a particular type or subset of games you wished to focus on?

This is only taking grand subjects into consideration, without any specification of location. I’m not sure where in the world you’re referring to. Which area were you thinking of? How big of an area were you thinking of? Or did you mean globally?

Actually, on that note, were you leaning more towards a timeline of actual competitive results, or popular strategies and their relative viabilities, or the people that make up the community, or how that community has fit into the rest of society, or how the game itself has been changed over time?

Maybe you’d like to clarify some of this for us because I don’t know what you’re talking about. The only thing I really took away from your initial post was the word Pokmon.

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Don’t know what the heck my username or ID have anything to do to the topic at hand, just because I have a strong passion for learning about gaming oh. fuck it man, go ahead and feel like y’all have to put down somebody to make yourselves feel better. Thought the guy above me was trying to help until he posted that second entry.

I marked discussions here on the public nature, the and the commerical succeses of these events in the past. I also had listed in terms of serious competition and casual. That it would have been clear that i was discussing video games in general Also gave a preferable timeline. Plenty of information there.

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i remember when there was no console support for sf at all (but when it hit snes…) A fistfull of slugs haha…yes i said slugs …i would take nickles and smash them untill they were the size of quarters ,20 games for a dollar …i came from a poor family so that was the only way i could play i would never do somthing like that now…a full arcade every weekend ,there was nothing like it …u learned way more like that too in my opinion,everyone saw and and critiqued …anyone remember when bisons phychocrusher was like the most spammed move ?! or if u cats are real og then tell me what the “handcuffs” or the "touch of death "is …also remember the up up down down code during demo play on sf 2 that would throw some of the jamma boards programming on the screen ?