History of Tournament Results


Thanks hismit! I had Dreamhack on my list to do but didn’t get around to it yet but it’s up now.

I have a correction this time. :wink: Beat By Contest actually took place in Switzerland, not France. Anyway, that’s up as well.

Elcubano, I’ll get those NorCal results up eventually.

Beat By Contest


Southtown Arcade Ver. 2012 Invitational
San Francisco, CA
December 3, 2011

SSF: AE Ver… 2012 Top 8:

1st: EG Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)
2nd: Jimmy “Mr. Naps” Tran (E. Ryu)
3rd: Long “LPN” Nguyen (Cammy)
4th: Marcos “El Cubano Loco” Blanco (Claw)
5th: Ryan “Col. CC Filipino Champ” Ramirez (Seth, Sim)
5th: Chris “Crizzle” Scott (C. Viper)
7th: Long “ShadyK” Tran (Akuma)
7th: Mike Chow (Abel)



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Okay, those results are up! Sorry for the delay but SoCal Regionals and the holidays really had me busy. :slight_smile:

Keep the results coming! But I think from this point on, I may have to start being a little more picky about limiting results to more “major” tournaments and less regional type tournaments. I’ll try my best to keep adding as much as I can but that was kind of the original intent anyway. :slight_smile:


3rd Strike 10th Cooperation 5on5 ended yesterday, January 8th 2012.

Top 8:
1st. Deshiken(KE), Ushi!?(UR), Yuusuke(YU), Orona(EL), Macho Banana(CH)
2nd. Kuni(RY), AFM(CH), Nekomanma(RY), Tarou(UR), Atsushi(IB)
3rd. K.O(YA), OTB(YU), Kokujin(DU), KSK(AL), Umezono(CH)
3rd. Boss(MA), Rikimaru(CH), Haitani(MA), Gesuyarou(KE), Matsuda(YU)
5th. Yuki Otoko(GO), Hirai(KE), Naga(KE), Umemon(EL), Hiro-chan(OR)
5th. Kazuya(AL), Mimora(MA), Pin II(KE), Y(UR), Kuroken(KE)
5th. Raoh(CH), Mester(YU), Match(GO), Higa(IB), Takayuki(CH)
5th. Furo(YA), d(DU), Matsuken(KE), Jiro(GO), Tecchi(CH)
Final 16 replay:
P1: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/19636681
P2: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/19637868
P3: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/19638610
Minor mistake on 8th Cooperation Cup result on your page: the Hugo player is Akahori, not Ebara :slight_smile:


I’m in 100% support of this.



Added. And Akahori corrected. :slight_smile:


Hadocon III
January 14, 2012
Burlingame, CA


1st: BBZ
2nd: Isaiah
3rd: Long “LPN” Nguyen

Super Street Fighter IV: AE 2012 3v3 Team Top 4:

1st: Hiro’s Friends: Hiro (Blanka), Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez (Seth), EG Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)
2nd: That Guy’s Ass Crack: Mike Chow (Abel), Long “LPN” Nguyen (Cammy), Rom (Yang)
3rd: Los Chicos Guapos: Harrison Young (Cody), Pavo “Illiterate” Miskic (Yang), Marcos “El Cubano Loco” Blanco (Claw)
4th: Kineda’s Demons: Terry “Kineda” Ng (Akuma), Hargi (Ryu), Leoncio “Onetimehero” Martin (Boxer)

Super Street Fighter 4 Singles Top 8:
1st: EG Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)
2nd: Rom (Yang)
3rd: Mike Chow (Abel)
4th: Harrison Young (Cody)
5th: Terry “Kineda” Ng (Akuma)
5th: Pavo “Illiterate” Miskic (Yang)
7th: Michael “Scunsion” Ascunsion (Fei Long, Sagat)
7th: Rodney “Hotrod” Tse (Claw)

Ultimate MVC3 Singles Top 8:

1st: Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez
2nd: Tinh “MINE” Ngo
3rd: Honzo Gonzo
4th: CJ "Showstopper"
5th: Chris “Chrisis” Dew
5th: X-Ray
7th: Quest
7th: Windzero


Results from NEC XII (for the games that weren’t already posted on the site)


1: fighting gm
2: dmg kor
3: millionz
4: inkog
5: nyc fab
5: sluch
7: real law
7: blood hawk

Link, first post : http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=122767


1: 7th Fonon
2: Banana Ken
3: Bill307
4: Greats
5: SomeAzndude
5: PWS
7: Kara Palm
7: Comic-Z

Link, post#177 : http://homingcancel.com/events/northeast-championship-(nec-xii)-dec-3rd-4th-2011-philly-pa/165/


1: SKD
2: Lord Knight
3: Brice
4: Xie
5: OmniSScythe
5: Romeyurhomey
7: Superscience
7: Kirbster

Link, first post : http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?12823-NEC-XII-Results


GODSGARDEN#5 - BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend [01/28/2012]

1st. Tsujikawa (Taokaka)
2nd. Kyaku (Carl)
3rd. Shounen (Litchi)
4th. Souji (Arakune)
5th. Buppa (Ragna)
5th. Nezu (Bang)
7th. Ren (Jin)
7th. Izayoi Matoi (Taokaka)

Top 8 replays: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL439CEAD2CA2A2B25

3rd Strike - 2nd KokuNuki Cup 3on3 [2011]

1st. Kuni(RY), Nuki(CH), Ike(DU)
2nd. KO(YA), Kazuya(AL), OTB(YU)
3rd. Nekomanma(RY), Magnum(EL), Mimora(MA)
3rd. TM(Q), Sugiyama(NE), Magi(CH)
5th. Yakkun(YU), Zonex(AL), YSB(HU)
5th. Takurou(KE), Akimoto(CH), Higa(IB)
5th. Gesuyarou(KE), Dance(RY), Bakuto(AL)
5th. Kokujin(DU), Hirochan(OR), Yuki Otoko(GO)



I’ve been super busy with the SSF2T Tournament of Legends, the ST Revival site (which just launched) and RL stuff so unfortunately, I’ve been neglecting the Tournament Results Database. I will try to start catching up on stuff starting next week. :slight_smile:


You’re missing the results from Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 1 thru 6. It was a real thing, I swear!


You don’t have to take my word for it. Ask JoshtheFunkDoc, who was at 4, 5, and 6 (6 was at his house). Or Ailerus, who was at 6. Or aherdofpenguins, who was at all of the first 6. Or RoyBisel, who was at 4 and 5. Or GhettoOnTheRise, who was at UFGT5. Or Fugee, also at UFGT5. Josh “TheDoctor” Queen, at UFGTs 1-6. Or RedCyclone, who was at 4-6. Or Popoblo (now retired), who was at 5 and 6.

Or take a look at these photos of those people AT the old UFGTs, which were numbered by year instead of in sequence. (I wish I had more of these. So many lost memories). You might even check for Gadouken.com, our old Team Cincy home page, on the internet wayback machine. Damn, look at those sexy people wearing UFGT2001 shirts in 2001. I could easily dig up results for UFGT4-6, but we were not very good back then. UFGT1-3 was 1998-2000, and they were 8-12 person tournaments and we were really really not good.

Thank you, Daniel, for once again wasting everyone’s time.


North West Majors 4

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver.2012

  1. EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)
  2. CVPR|PR Balrog (Balrog)
  3. DMG.MCZ|iPeru (El Fuerte, Dudley)
  4. John Choi (Ryu)
  5. 801 Strider (Abel, Makoto)
  6. Hsien Chang (Yun, Seth)
  7. CCG|LapChiDoung (Blanka)
  8. Clim (Zangief, Gouken)
  9. HiHiPuffyAmiYumi (M.Bison)
  10. coL.CC|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim)
  11. SBA|Harrison (Cody)
  12. Afro Cole (Dhalsim)
  13. TW|Arthur (E.Honda)
  14. CCG|AIR (Ryu)
  15. Buktooth (Ibuki, El Fuerte)
  16. FineLikeWine49 (Guile)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

  1. coL.CC|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix, Ghost Rider/Dormammu/Doctor Doom)
  2. CVPR|PR Balrog (Wolverine/Dante/Vergil)
  3. EG|Ricky Ortiz (Wolverine/Wesker/Akuma)
  4. Soup (Dormammu/Wesker/Akuma)
  5. Rowtron (Magneto/Chun-Li/Sentinel)
  6. SRK|UW Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye)
  7. Thai Vega (Zero/Doctor Doom/Dormammu)
  8. Cam (Hulk/Thor/Dormammu)
  9. Shredder (Wolverine/Magneto/Doctor Doom)
  10. CVPR|CJ Showstoppa (Wesker/Vergil/Magneto)
  11. GC|Dacidbro (Dante/Taskmaster/Vergil)
  12. DrDoomKills (Taskmaster/Spencer/Doctor Doom)
  13. Mordius
  14. Rattana
  15. 1TruKing
  16. Cryo

Street Fighter X Tekken

  1. EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus/Chun-Li)
  2. Clim (Zangief/Hugo)
  3. Lord BBH (M.Bison/Julia)
  4. Sergio (Ryu/Zangief)
  5. Orlando “L2P” Frasier (Guile/Zangief)
  6. CVPR|PR Balrog (Kazuya/Ryu)
  7. Yzae B (Rolento/Hugo)
  8. Hsien Chang (Ken/Akuma)
  9. 801 Strider
  10. Hoangief
  11. Buktooth
  12. coL.CC|Filipino Champ
  13. Dio
  14. DMG.MCZ|iPeru
  15. SkotBot801
  16. FineLikeWine49

SoulCalibur V

  1. Foxy Heaton (Siegfried)
  2. Great0ne (Mitsurugi)
  3. EMP|Black Mamba (Pyrrha, Viola, Astaroth)
  4. Cam (Algol)
  5. Zig21 (Cervantes, Viola)
  6. howdoiplaythisgame (Maxi)
  7. The Show (Siegfried)
  8. 13th Warrior (Yoshimitsu)
  9. STB.MKU|Shujinkidink
  10. OMNE
  11. Super Joe
  12. Gojira
  13. LogicHole
  14. Grenas
  15. Adanimo
  16. Psylence

The King of Fighters XIII

  1. Duncan T (Duo Lon/Vice/Takuma)
  2. Joel A (Iori/Robert/Billy
  3. CCG|Air (EX Kyo/Saiki/EX Iori, EX Kyo/Kensou/EX Iori)
  4. Mechanica (Maxima/Kensou/Chin)
  5. Daniel T (Kyo/Raiden/Mature)
  6. Duggish (Mr. Karate/Billy/Shen)
  7. Dkn2i (Iori/Raiden/Shen)
  8. Russel S (Iori/Kyo/Benimaru)
  9. Shaka
  10. Lord BBH
  11. Kwyjibo
  12. Eternal Blaze
  13. The Show
  14. Vivek V.
  15. Darwin
  16. Kris

Mortal Kombat

  1. EGP|PBoardPlayer (Kung Lao, Ermac)
  2. STB.MKU|Shujinkidink (Quan Chi, Kenshi)
  3. EMP|Black Mamba (Cyrax, Johnny Cage)
  4. McNasty (Smoke)
  5. What’s Her Name (Mileena, Kung Lao)
  6. Kevin 7 (Sonya Blade, Jax)
  7. Droll_MK (Kung Lao)
  8. OG|Immortal Kombat (Kenshi, Mileena)
  9. Rahleh
  10. Jimmy P
  11. Vastly
  12. Duncan T


  1. SRK|UW Sam No (Painwheel/Filia/Double)
  2. GC|Dacidbro (Painwheel/Double)
  3. Domo (Painwheel/Double)
  4. Osuna
  5. Shaka
  6. Nungo|BT
  7. TFD Loz
  8. Eternal Blaze
  9. bitq
  10. MisterSpooky
  11. Afro Cole
  12. qoqonuts
  13. ThaGuy
  14. LogicHole
  15. MacNCheeze
  16. Raikon



we have an enormous number of results for MK here, I have to add a bunch of tournaments that have happened recently since I’ve been lazy.


Thanks everyone for still sending/posting results. :slight_smile:

While the site’s main goal was more to have a historic collection of past tournament results rather than be an up to date results site (SRK and Eventhubs are sites that you want to go for stuff like that), I did want it to continually update as well. But the scope to continually update tournaments these days is very overwhelming, especially when a lot more international tournaments were included. There are big events/majors seemingly every week now, if not more. And running the ST Revival site and Tournament of Legends this year, which have become my main priority plus RL, have really put me way behind.

I’m still trying to find a better method to update results that would make the workload a lot less, so I haven’t completely abandoned the idea to update the site again with results from this year.


Too many tournaments lack significance when it comes to who was at the tournament, to be worth posting.

I recommend you look into the japanese kof tournaments such as Duelling the Kof, KCE Cup and Revamp the Kof. These are probably the biggest tournaments for kof, in terms of the quality of the players entering. Also TGB(The Great Battle) in China is also huge for kof and should definitely be added to your database.

Edit: Also forgot about the SNK Eclipse tournaments, which I think is a yearly tournament for SNK games set up by SNKPlaymore, for Last Blade 2, Garou, Kof98 and some other classics.


Sad too see this is gone but I understand he probably has too many obligations at this point



Not sure if anyone here is aware of HFS Summer, but it’s one of the current biggest european tournaments at the moment featuring many iconic fighting games such as Street Fighter III Third Strike, Capcom vs SNK 2, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, King Of Fighters 2002 and such.

All the videos can be found here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz_6ZIEbiKFiKldzvl-pxjA/videos

And all the brackets on here : https://challonge.com/fr/users/hfs

Street Fighter III Third Strike - HADo Solo

  1. Sho
  2. Oryu
  3. Niko
  4. Yaz
    9th place tie: Otana
    Gucci Suit

Street Fighter III Third Strike - HADo Team

  1. Game Newton
  2. Hache & Fesses
  3. CocOtana
  4. Stylé de Dingue
  5. 10 000 Years of Choke
    Armée du Ruban Rouge
    Brown Waifus Matter
    Excusez-moi avez-vous touché mon AZZ ?
  6. All About Speed
    Fragments d’Okazaki
    Double Poney
    Maharajas of Anubis
    100 %
    3rd Strike Sans Frontières
    Young Popes
    Tajine de Porc

XMania Europe V Solo - Super Street Fighter II Turbo

  1. Myco
  2. Zagi
  3. Wolmar
  4. TMF
  5. SpinalBlood
  6. Prof Jones
  7. Balcork
  8. Max31
  9. Kouni
  10. Solinvictus
    LaDOSE | Kiouze
    LaDOSE | BlackMane
  11. Ken Bogard
    AM | Fredo
  12. Wovou
    Gucci suit
    LaDOSE | Double-U
    LaDOSE | Vigor
    Player’s-bar | Dadoo

XMania Europe V Team - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

  1. Ta Gueule Robocop !
  2. Last Attack
  3. You Cannot Defeat Saibaman
  4. Deadly Combination
  5. Gugu Ganmo
    Evil Professor Nayma
    First Attack
    Power Wanjews
  6. Rizières de sel
    Windjammers France
    Team 31
    L’équipe du Baygon
    Team 27
    No Time Toulouse
    Team 8
  7. Les Petits Pédéstres
    Random Deluxe
    Gösser Kids
    Les nains portent quoi
    Armée du Ruban Rouge
    Avec Helice
    Youngs Pope
    Menu Enfant
    Team 23
    Team MGO
    GeNePi PoWaaa
    Team 26
    Born to Be kill

King Of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match - KOF 2002 UM

  1. Xavief
  2. Tobitake
  3. Balier
  4. Dagon
  5. Kiji
    Heavy Arms
  6. OZL
  7. Brahim

Brackets of the CVS2 tournament aren’t completed unfortunately.