History of Tournament Results


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BoD 2008, Tekken 5’s 4th place Chuu is Simon “The Truth” Lau from the UK.


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Some more 3rd Strike results for you:

8th Cooperation Cup 5on5 [2009]
1st: Ebara (Hugo)/ Nuki (Chun-Li)/ Aiku (Dudley)/ Yakkun (Yun)/ Tokura (Yang)

9th Cooperation Cup 5on5 [2010]
1st: Mester (Yun)/ Takayuki (Chun-Li)/ Matsuken (Ken)/ Jiro (Akuma)/ Raoh (Chun-Li)
2nd: Kokujin (Dudley)/ Yuki Otoko(Akuma)/ Hirochan(Oro)/ Chopper(Urien)/ Chelsea(Oro)
3rd: Haitani (Makoto)/ Chinta (Ken)/ Kxx (Chun-Li)/ Saru (Yun)/ Wantaren (Yang)
3rd: Boss (Makoto)/ Rikimaru (Chun-Li)/ MOV (Chun-Li)/ Kowappa (Yun)/ OTB (Yun)

a-cho’s Hikone Cup - Strongest Ken [11/2008]
1st: Deshiken
2nd: KO
3rd: Yaoichi

a-cho’s Hikone Cup - 3on3 [10/2009]
1st: Saru (Yun)/ Chinta (Ken)/ Haitani (Makoto)
2nd: OTB (Yun)/ K.O (Yang)/ Momochi (Makoto)
3rd: Kamide (Yun)/ Ringo (Alex)/ Tenman Yohane (Chun-Li)
3rd: Gure (Alex)/ Cross (Chun-Li)/ goto (Urien)
5th: Tsumoon (Remy)/ FCF (Necro)/ Hirochan (Oro)
5th: Wantaren (Yang)/ Nekonohi (Akuma)/ Izumi (Chun-Li)
5th: ABE (Urien)/ S (Yun)/ Genki (Alex)
5th: Uramakigumo (Ibuki)/ Dot (Akuma)/ Shouhei (Dudley)


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Would it be possible to sort results by game? That could yield useful data imo.


I’m a newbie at this web design stuff and I’m sure there’s a much better way to do it with databases and what not but I’m having to do it manually right now.

But I actually just started on this recently and I should have the Super Turbo and HD Remix results by game up hopefully in a few days. The next games I’d like to have up are the big ones, SF4 and MvC3 and possibly MK9.


More 3rd Strike here:

a-cho’s Hikone Cup 3on3 [11/2010]
1st. Yakkun (Yun)/ Shie (Ken)/ Uraken (Akuma)
2nd. Umezono (Chun-Li)/ Haitani (Makoto)/ Kokujin (Dudley)

** a-cho’s Hikone Cup - Strongest Ken [11/2010]**
1st. Deshiken
2nd. Uraken

Versus Cup [November 3, 2011]
Location: Game Spot Versus, Tokyo

  1. OTB/Ochibi (Yun)
  2. Rikimaru (Chun-Li)
  3. Furo (Yang)
  4. MOV (Chun-Li)
  5. Takurou (Ken)
  6. Nuki (Chun-Li)
  7. Vanao (Ryu)
  8. Roku (Ken)
  9. Sugiyama (Necro)
  10. TM (Q)
  11. Chako (Urien)
  12. Matsuken (Ken)
  13. Zabi (Akuma)
  14. Koushun (Chun-Li)
  15. AFM (Chun-Li)
  16. Tarou (Urien)

All Hikone Cup events are held in Kyoto, not Tokyo :slight_smile:


Canada Cup 2011




7th Cuong “Cuongster” Cao E. Honda

Cuongster also played Yun against Ricky Ortiz and Tokido.


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It’s a pretty minor thing, but concerning Dacidbro in Blazblue CS2, he’s an American.

Edit: It’s DjNoLimitz instead of CjNoLimitz.



And any corrections are welcome. We want this data to be as accurate as possible. :slight_smile:


More 3S Cooperation Cup:

6th Cooperation Cup [July 2006]
1st. Tetsugoushi (Q)/ Suzu (Chun-Li)/ Deshiken (Ken)/ G-Keiji (Yun)/ Hirochan (Oro)

And 7th Cooperation Cup on your page hasn’t named players’ characters:
1st. Raoh (Chun-Li)/ Match (Akuma)/ ShiroItachi (Makoto)/ Mester (Yun)/ MOV (Chun-Li)
2nd. Momochi (Yun)/ KSK (Alex)/ Kokujin (Dudley)/ Boss (Makoto)/ Matsuda (Yun)
3rd. Y-Da (Hugo)/ Yuki Otoko (Akuma)/ Uraken (Akuma)/ Naga (Ken)/ Meta (Chun-Li)
3rd. Spellmaster-J (Ken)/ Nitto (Yun)/ Rikimaru (Chun-Li)/ Ma Junior (Chun-Li)/ Keeper (Ken)

Finally, some of Cooperation Cup year was not accurate:
3rd - November 2003
5th - September 2005
6th - July 2006
7th - November 2007
8th - July 2009
9th - August 2010
10th - January 2012 (confirmed info :D)

Some more major 3S tourneys:

King of Wolves’09 [November 23rd 2009]
Location: Game Newton, Tokyo

1st. Rikimaru (Chun-Li)/ OTB (Yun)
2nd. Takayuki (Chun-Li)/ MOV (Chun-Li)
3rd. Boss (Yun)/ KO (Yang)
3rd. Genki (Alex)/ Vanao (Ryu)
5th. CASA (Elena)/ Oro (Ken)
5th. Uraken (Akuma)/ Yuki Otoko (Akuma)
5th. Mester (Yun)/ KSK (Alex)
5th. Roshihikari (Yang)/ RX (Urien)
9th. Pierrot (Remy)/ Yakkun (Yun)
9th. PinoAB7 (Necro)/ Thanatos (Oro)
9th. Eda (Dudley)/ Namijin (Ryu)
9th. Matsuken (Ken)/ Aiku (Dudley)
9th. Xiao (Ibuki)/ Nikukyuu (Yang)
9th. Georgia (Ryu)/ Pistachio (Twelve)
9th. YSB (Hugo)/ Sugiyama (Necro)
9th. Nitto (Yun)/ Ma Junior (Chun-Li)

Part 1: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/2623957
Part 2: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/2624273

Babanpaku [February 2008]
1st. KSK (Alex)/ Tokido (Chun-Li)/ Keeper (Ken)
2nd. Deshiken (Ken)/ Suzu (Chun-Li)/ Tetsugoushi (Q)


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More minor info on 3rd Strike:
*Your 1st & 2nd Shirube Cup results need to be swapped to each other :slight_smile:


1st Ochibi Yun


2nd K.O. Yun


3rd Mester Yun


4th Nidaime Urien


4th Rakira Chun-Li


4th Aniki Necro


7th Raoh Chun-Li


7th ??? Urien


7th AFM Chun-Li


7th J Makoto


7th Ice Hugo


7th SSL1 Alex

2nd Shirube Cup [2002]:

23 qualified players:


1st K.O. Yun


2nd Match Akuma


3rd Onanism Urien


4th Chikyuu Necro


4th Chongu Elena


4th TK Q


7th Erotic Teacher Okumoto Dudley


7th Ice Hugo


7th Danna Dudley


7th Xiao Ibuki


7th J Makoto


7th Nuki Chun-Li
13th OTB (Yun)
13th Raoh (Chun-Li)
13th Boss (Yang)
13th Mester (Yun)
13th Riki (Necro)
13th YSB (Hugo)
13th Kanimajin (Alex)
13th Tama (Oro)
13th Hitotsume (Ken)
13th Ryo-chin (Remy)
13th KSK (Alex)

3rd Shirube Cup [2003]:
15 qualified players:
1st. J (Makoto)
2nd. Raoh (Chun-Li)
3rd. KO (Yun)
3rd. Namijin (Ryu)
5th. Danna (Dudley)
5th. Mester (Yun)
5th. Kokujin (Dudley)
5th. Tama (Oro)
9th. Pierrot (Remy)
9th. YSB (Hugo)
9th. TK (Q)
9th. AFM (Chun-Li)
9th. RX (Urien)
9th. Sugiyama (Necro)
9th. KSK (Alex)

Video for 1st Versus Cup [November 2011]:

I got banners for Versus Cup, Hikone Cup & Shirube Cup, feel free to use them:





AE and MVC3 team results for Dromstruction are missing. I know the AE team results, but not MVC3.

AE Top 4 Teams:

  1. Ricky Ortiz (Rufus), Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez (Dhalsim)
  2. Miky “xsk Samurai” Chea (Ryu), Mike Chow (Abel), Javier “Cynistar” Garcia (Akuma)
  3. Hooman “Hoodaman” Gharemani (E. Honda), Harrison Young (Cody), Makara Paul (M. Bison)
  4. Hiro (Blanka), Marcos “El Cubano Loco” Blanco (Vega), Max “Lilsicx” Kunitz (Ken)

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity, have you been compiling the lists of tournament placings for each player by hand??? I skimmed through the page source on one of them but I don’t understand anything, hahaha.



Hismit, I made those fixes to the Shirube Cups and added the 3rd Shirube cup and added the video links. Thanks again!

Elcubanoloco, I added the SSFIV:AE team results. Thanks!

Deadfrog: Yes, I’ve been doing it by hand from a spreadsheet. I do need a better way to publish the data and I’ve looked into it a little bit but I don’t really know how. If you know how, please PM me. :slight_smile:

Oh and speaking of player bios, I put up four new ones today for Kindevu, Mago, Momochi and RF.


Capcom Korea Cup - Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition [July 16th, 2011]
1st. PoongKO (Seth)
2nd. Infiltration (Akuma)
3rd. M.Lizard (C.Viper)
4th. Laugh (Ryu)
5th. KimLegend (Blanka)
5th. MADANA_zan (Ken)
7th. ZzangMoo (Zangief)
7th. Radekku (Guile)

Top 8 videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/spiritzerokr#grid/user/8973647104324EF9