Hit a snag in my EVO plans

me and my buddy plan on going to Evo this year… we can easily afford the airfare, entry fees, and watnot… but while planning we came across a little problem… we want to stay at the Rio where they’re holding Evo so we won’t have to rent a car or anything like that… we can afford the rooms aswell… but me and my buddy are both 19 years old… and apparently you have to have someone who’s 21 or older to checkin at the Rio…

so i’m at a loss as to what to do… so i was wondering if any of you ahd any suggestions… like do they actually check to see if someone in your party is 21 when you go to check in?.. or maybe there’s another hotel that is conveniently close by the Rio itself, so that we could trek back and forth… or maybe someone who is of age could be kind enough as to check us in… or whatever… we’re open to suggestions so thanx in advanced

you have to be 21 to book a reservation and check-in… there is alcohol present inside the room.

Yeah just find a hotel nearby without alcohol in the room. :lol:

Stay with the other kids at Circus Circus.:rofl:

In Vegas you will not need car, Rio offers shuttles to and from the strip I believe. There must be hotels that don’t have the 21 requirement, but it is Vegas and it is designed for 21 and over.

okay… so what/where are these other hotels… or even better is there anyone, who is 21, willing to book the room, check into it and then split it’s cost 3 ways?.. me and my companion are fully invested in going to EVO this year… as soon as this whole hotel situation is sorted out we’re buying our plane tickets…

bump… any takers???.. it would be greatly appreciated… if you are up for my offer plz PM me or something… we need to get this whole trip locked down sooner rather than later…

Just get your air fare taking care of now before the price goes up. I’m sure you can room with somebody or find a cheap hotel that you don’t have to be 21.

Yeah I’m staying at the rio with a friend but if for any reason he decides not to go I’ll probably stay at a holiday inn. I think there like 10 minutes apart.

take care of the air fare… got it!.. anything else?

Just keep checking the board for roomates. You will find something for sure, it is three months away.

definitely!.. im not too excited on the idea of staying somewhere otehr than the rio… i kinda wanted to be at the EVO epicenter y’know… but if we run outta options i suppose staying at a holiday inn a few blocks away wouldnt be too bad… still if anyone wants to take up on the offer… it’s till up for grabs… just PM me or watever

BUMP!.. getting too close to call… my brother and I are still in desperate need of a 21 y/o roommate… we are fully prepared for the trip… we’ve taken care of our airfare, our registraion fees, and everything inbetween… all we need now is someone who is 21 or older to book the room and split the cost of said room 3 ways… we are 19 and fully capable of paying whatever is needed… if you’re interested plz PM me… we need to take care of this last bit of business…

i live in vegas, and i aint gonna room with you, but if you need me to check yall in, i will use my name and id to check you in come evo, but its gonna be your card on file. pm me if that works for you. like i said, i live here, so i wouldnt be needing a room. just trying to help out. dont want you to have wasted your money, and this better be legit. im doing this for the community, and my nice deed for the year. i wont take kindly to getting screwed in anyway at all. my name on anything means, dont destroy your room, or get into any trouble that im gonna be questioned about

also check to see if there are apts off the strip that you can rent for a few days. there is a lot of that out here, and there are many apts only ten minute bike ride from the strip

edit Nmd, it’d be awhile before I could give you an answer

jimmy… i assure you this is all on the level and your offer sounds very doable… i’ll PM you with the details tomorrow… i’m on my phone right now… and thank you very much we appreciate it indescribably… this whole situation has had us baffled for the last 2 months… btw wouldnt renting an apartment for 4 days have a lot of red tape to go thru?.. especially just to have it for 4 days… anyways yeah, i’ll PM you with my info

I live in Vegas too, and I suggest just renting a motel nearby. There’s Holiday Inn, Super 8, Motel 6, all those little places within walking distance. If worse came to worse, you could ride the city bus or call a cab (wouldn’t cost much riding a mile or two). As long as you stay on the west side of the strip, you’ll be alright.

Seems like you found a decent solution though, hope it goes well for you guys.