Hit Box Visible in Training Mode

Would showing hit box data in fighting games be really that bad? We already get frame data leaked. Why do companies feel it is showing too much data? Would y’all like to have the option to see hitboxs? Would it help at all while training? Or is it really just exposing the game to raw?


It would be helpful, sure, but I do agree that giving away too much isn’t really a good idea, hitboxes included.

It’s fine to help players, but some things should be found by experimentation.

like ive said before in MANY MANY different threads about balance and game mechanics, i see Fighting Games the same way i look at board game. all in all a fighting game is nothing more than a set of clearly defined rules and mechanics all built into a series of different characters that represent distinct strategies and paths to victory. even if we knew how EVERYTHING worked inside and out and saw outliers in power, the way we play those characters may not be the same way. even in a game like chess where theres clearly only a few ways one can make a move, how player plays those moves and their own strategy is clearly different from someone else.

its how, even in “simple” games like SF2 from SF4 you could watch a pro play a character and say to yourself “that shit looks simple. even i could play like that!”. the reality is you cant just simply copy and paste that style because that may not be something your best suited too. so to me, knowing exactly everything works even from the start doesnt mean the game isnt open to individual interpretation because as long as the engine itself is flexible enough (even most of MK9s characters can be played at least 2 different ways not counting juggles and custom combos), knowing the information is just that, INFORMATION. how you use it is what will matter in a true tournament scenario.

This was mentioned on the Ask Capcom stream. Apparently they are debating it internally. Again, it seems most likely that it’s something the US team wants, but that the Japanese team is wary of giving out.

i dont understand, why is that? cause if its about exploitation or something then thats more of a “you shouldve designed this game better” than a “oh then nobody will want to experiment and make their own way” discussion.

Japanese developers being typical Japanese developers?

All I’m going to say is I understand both sides. Also, showing them can be taxing on the systems causing slow downs to a lot of graphical glitches(workstations have a lot more ram for a reason not just for the OS).

Arguments for showing hitboxes:

  • it strongly supports the (wishes of the) competitive scene
  • it demonstrates that the developers really want players to take their game seriously
  • encouraging players to take your game seriously could potentially (unproven) help to increase your game’s popularity

Arguments for hiding hitboxes:

  • the more you reveal to people about the building process behind your game, the more they will complain about it
  • casual fans might feel that it seems unprofessional or unpolished, like the developers “forgot” to remove a debug mode/feature
  • it is possible (though unproven) that withholding details of your game’s mechanics helps to artificially extend the lifespan of your game

Arguments for wiling woot foxes:

  • foxes are neat
  • i love every animal

What happened to the days when you just played the game and figured things out yourself, rather than depending on people spoonfeeding you the information.

That being said, you can turn hitboxes on in HDR

Mike Z responded to a request for this in the Skullgirls thread and said that they (not the Skullgirls team, so I guess the business people? don’t know) really don’t like revealing internal information, but he’ll see what he can do.

Basically this.
Unless you’re on the inside, you won’t be seeing hit boxes all too much in-game.

Some companies don’t like the idea of showing hit boxes or are just embarrass by showing how they would look like.
When the info gets leaked, there isn’t much they can do, but at the same time, only the hardcore players would be interested in it.

I did not know HDR allowed that, did it at all change the way you viewed the game? Did you feel more confident in your play? Did you get more salty cause you knew how ur hitbox should of worked but something happened?

I think one reason why americans want more information is because usually the fighting games don’t get released at the same time so americans always gotta play catch up. Showing hitboxs allows them to at least learn their characters slightly faster but they still have to go into matches and figure out their match-ups but they will at least know “this light punch reduces my characters hitbox so it will be a good anti air” or somethng like that

None of the above. It confirmed to me why Blanka’s s.lk goes through a dragon punch… But other than that, it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know before. It didn’t affect me playing, didn’t get me mad or anything… I just never realized that Blanka’s leg goes through it because his whole leg is invincible when he does it. I used to think it was a glitch, but nope.

Go into training mode and it’s one of the options under display or graphics or something…

It looks like this:


Did displaying the hitboxs slow the game down or is it just the video?

Just the video.

Can be taxing on the system.

All I know is that I’m on the side that doesn’t have me in training mode for half a year to find out stuff like Blanka’s s.lk goes through a dragon punch.

I’d love visible hitboxes.

Partially to see what Blanka’s hitbox truly looks like, but I might be able to use it for stuff too.

The problem is that probably the vast majority of people playing these games are at best only vaguely aware of hitboxes even existing, so to them…you break the illusion. They’re still playing “two dudes fighting on streets” and not a fighting game as we know it. So when the developer is afraid to give away internal information, it’s in part because they’re afraid it will ruin people’s image of the game on the outside.