Hit Box - We so S Tier1!

Welcome to the Hit Box community!


1. What is the Hit Box?

The Hit Box all-button controller, AKA the “Stickless Stick,” is a game controller specifically designed for fighting games. We replaced the joystick with directional buttons that are controlled by your fingers.

** 2. Why buttons?**

By using 4 directional buttons controlled by 4 fingers, you gain:

  • Increased input speed
  • Consistent inputs yield fewer mistakes
  • Exclusive control over your movement
  • No travel time inputting directions
  • Button techniques apply to movement and special inputs (plinking, piano, double tap, slide)
  • Game-specific features such as SSFIV input shortcuts (such as walking dragon punches)
  • No unintentional inputs such as accidental jumps
  • No arm/wrist motion
  • Stays put in your lap

3. Are those smaller buttons than normal?

Yes. We use 24mm Sanwa pushbuttons with exception to the ‘Up’ button, which is 30mm. They are highly sensitive buttons and work perfectly. 24 mm buttons are able to be brought closer together and fit the natural curve of the human hand. When the button spread is closer together, players find all buttons directly at their finger tips with no hand-hovering.

4. Can I still execute throws and focus attacks on this smaller layout?


** 5. What about plinking and double tapping my combo links?**

Of course.

** 6. Why have a shared jump button for your thumbs?**

It is larger than the other buttons so both thumbs can access “Up” depending on player preference. By utilizing this, you can perform advanced “joystick” motions easily. Tri-jumps and Tiger Knee inputs are much faster and more accurate. It also makes many Just-Frame inputs incredibly easy.

8. Who is this for? Do I need keyboard experience?

While it appears to share the most common ground with a keyboard, Hit Box is a balance between Joystick, Pad, and Keyboard together. You dont need background in any controller to appreciate the Hit Box: Anyone can use it!

** 9. Can I still do everything I can do on my joystick?**

Everything and more.

** 10. What about Hadokens and Dragon Punches and SPDs?**

Yes. Quickly and accurately.

** 11. What about “______'s ________ combo”?**


** 12. Is there a learning curve?**

The learning curve is creating fast, new memory in your fingers. It doesn’t take long. This also gets rid of old bad habits too!

13. Are these for advanced players only?

No! The benefits of these boxes can be appreciated by everyone from the beginning player to the most advanced tournament player. The whole purpose of the Hit Box is to aide your fundamentals and build your foundation so that you can focus on what actually matters in a match: your opponent.

** 14. What happens when you hold the Left and Right buttons together?**

Left + Right = Neutral. Your character will stand still. No charging or blocking occurs.

15. Can I hold Left and Right to block cross ups?

No. Left + Right = Neutral; you will get hit in the face.

** 18. Can I walk forward and charge a sonic boom?**


** 19. Can I hold Back and perform shoryuken motions?**

No. Left + Right = Neutral.

** 20. Is “Left + Right = Neutral” useless?**

[FONT=Verdana]No! Left + Right is the basis for many advanced techniques that will make your life easier! You get access to 3-frame dashes, 1-button FADCs, rapid dragon punches, new option selects, safe and easy Korean backdash cancelling, and much more! Left + Right will help your execution significantly. Check out all of the tech in our video section![/details]

Combo Videos[details=Spoiler]
Super Street Fighter IV
King of Fighters XIII
Mortal Kombat 9
The 1812 Piledriver[/details]

How to Hit Box Tutorials

[details=Spoiler]Basic Motions:
Quarter Circle Motions
Dragon Punch Motion and Shortcuts
Charge Motions 1 - Sonic Boom
Charge Motions 2- Flash Kick
Half Circle Motion
360 Motion
720 Motion

KoF XIII Jump Types
UMvC3 Wavedash
UMvC3 Tri-dash
UMvC3 Float Cancels

Walking Ultra Shortcut
Tiger Knee
Standing 720 Introduction
Cardinal 360’s
Standing 720

MK9 Basics
[LEFT]MK9 Instant Air Fireball[/LEFT]

[LEFT]3D Fighters:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]SC5 - Introduction to 3D[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tekken - Backdash Cancels[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tekken - Just Frame EWGF, OTGF, JFSR[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tekken - Mishima Wavedash[/LEFT]
[LEFT]DOA5 - Rapid Step[/LEFT]
[LEFT]SC5 - Critical Edge Shortcut[/details][/LEFT]

Interactive Learning Tools[details=Spoiler]SSFIV - Basic Motions
UMvC3 Wolverine/Akuma BFF
UMvC3 Sentinel
KoFXIII Takuma
SC5 Ivy CS
SSFIV Standing 720[/details]

Interested in getting your Hit Box modded? Vickomods located nearby Hit Box HQ and offers his services for your Hit Box modding needs. Check him out at vickomods.com!!!

Yeah, I want one.

I’ve been planning to build one of these for a while but couldn’t decide which side to put the up button on, the big shared one is a great idea.

how much?

WANT WANT WANT…hope that website gets up and running in time for the holidays

I wanna see a standing 720 and Guile’s dash Ultra 1 :]

Goes without saying.

definitely interests me.
gonna keep an eye on this one.

This is quite the experiment, hope to see this project become something big, Mad Catz come calling soon?

What he said

I’d pay top dollar for one modded like


How did you decide what to rename it?
definitely an improvement from non stick stick

I think it would be fun to test drive one! :slight_smile:

These look very interesting indeed. How many different layouts do you guys have?

Once you fellows work out pricing and distribution I’ll be in for at least one of these. :hitit:


only because this is what you know, but in reality that layout causes problems that this layout fixes.

also, I bought mine for around 100 dollars plus shipping. But its an early prototype. The layout they have now is their 7th iteration after much trial and error. I love it. Super wide so it fits on your lap, the buttons seem jumbled at first but then you realize they are perfectly place to be precisely under your hands in your idle resting position.

Great job on the name. I’m already liking it. :cool:

Also, I’m still waiting on that PDF/measurements. :stuck_out_tongue:

take a pic of the insides! Want to see how you guys wired up that beast.

Intrigued. I can SRK better on keyboard (even in ST), so … interested to see what people do with it.

Also, motion to see Guile’s dash Ultra 1 and Gief’s standing 720 seconded!

This is good shit. I’m in the middle of putting together my own version of this thingy, but I’m still too hooked on my WASD standard.

I’ll probably be installing that thumb button, because it completely solves my issues with buffering SJC:qcf::qcf: and :uf::qcb: as quickly as I can on a stick.

So how are you guys doing yours? I’m kinda green at stick-modding, so I’m just re-purposing the innards of my TE.