Hit Box - We so S Tier1!

I already modded my TE to the hitbox style layout, but I’ve still been waiting for the 360/PS3 version to be finished. I mostly play on the 360, but I am curious as to what the differences in inputs would be between what I have, the dual version and the PS3/PC version and if I’d be better off just getting the PS3 version. Was wanting a backup for the 360 though.

Problem with Neutrik port is that if you want an USB cable that locks in it’ll cost like 50 Euro.

somebody show me what the usb cable looks like in the case. By this i mean is there a hole the wire comes from or is the pcbs usb connector sitting right up on the case

Well from what it sounds like, it’s not because of the USB cable needing locking (but that’s an added bonus if people want to buy the cable). It’s the fact that it’s the USB PLUG from the Cthulu board that pulls loose. Hence the suggestion of taping or supergluing around the port…

This wouldn’t be needed if a Neutrik port was installed instead of directly connecting to the Cthulu board.

Also, that 50 Euro price seems way off… The 3 meter cable is only $20 here.

I think they are referring to the ones with the ethercon boots, not just the cable themselves.

And even then they could always use the handy tutorial Kubebot threw up to make a nice locking cable, relatively cheep. Neutrik boot USB cable mod

There isn’t a usb cable in the case. They mount the Cthulhu to the top panel so that the onboard usb port is sticking through the hole in the case. The problem is that Toodles didn’t really design it to handle that much wear and tear from moving it around and unplugging and plugging it back in. He designed it to be mounted inside the case with a simple short usb cable going from the PCB to the Neutrik or to have a longer cable running out of the box with a knot inside the case so it would never pull directly on the Cthulhu. Probably wouldn’t hurt if the HitBox guys mounted it into the bottom of the case instead of the top either seeing it as it would take a lot less of a beating if it weren’t mounted to the top panel. It could be mounted in the bottom of the case just like it is in the Tournament Edition sticks and that itself might greatly help with the disconnecting issue. But the Neutrik is a much better solution all around. And if they could do both it would definitely be the end of these disconnect issues. But from their perspective it would require reworking there already made template and adding the extra cost of 10-20 dollars to add an internal cable and a Neutrik adapter and potentially even more if they wanted to add a locking boot to the cable.

Sorry but that has to be the most retarded thing i have ever heard(read). They need to get a new place for the pcb(the bottom) it does not make much sense for a pcb to be connected directly to the part of the stick that will receive most of the punishment. That is also a cheap way of having a removeable usb cord they just need to stick it inside and tie a knot or go for the neutrik

indeed, it is a pretty bad design. pics for reference:


minus the J&J super modding of course. Pic was just to reference that the PCB is attached to the top panel and uses the onboard usb port stick through the small hole in the back of the case.

JohnGrimm is strangely silent on the issue…

I was eager to buy one, but after seeing that this issue still exists and JohnGrimm basically saying “tape it up” instead of “we will change design”, I won’t be buying one. :confused:

Just because we haven’t openly said “we are going to change this” doesn’t mean nothing is happening.

I don’t understand what’s the deal with just taping up the end of the USB head. It’s just a simple fix that cost nothing nor does it affect the cosmetic outlook out the controller. But whatever I guess. I understand it’s a costly item and you want to it such and such. But c’mon, it’s just tape lol. The hitbox still works amazingly. Do you care what underwear you wear? Or if your socks match? I don’t because the job still gets done. Additional shit like a neutrik ports and another internal USB bumps up the price around 20-30 dollars…


We wanted to try a detachable USB cord for there new larger hitboxs. What we didn’t expect was the USB port on the cthulhu be so fucking big that it wiggles or detaches.

I get the concern but I would honestly rather have a hitbox and not fuss over a little bit of tape. I know people want perfect but people should remember this is an up and coming company, try to be reasonable. On another note, I need a bag for my large hitbox. Has anyone found any good bags to carry and store their hitbox in?

I’ve been keeping up with this thread quite a lot. I was on the wait list for the dual modded Hitbox, and I’m looking to buy a PS3 one to save time, but now I’m hesitant.

The guys at Hitbox seem very hesitant to any sort of change.
Someone asked a few pages ago about adding padding to shipping to prevent cracking, and he was denied.
Another person asked a few pages ago to have only the plexiglass to be shipped out to him, when it was cracked. Again, he was denied.
Now there is an issue with the USB cord, and the Hitbox team is being asked to redo the cord. This is denied yet again.

We all understand that the Hitbox team is a small operation, but when you are paying $160+ for an item, you expect the quality to be backed up.

On your webpage, you guys proudly state that the box and other parts are made in the USA. Potential buyers would like for the Hitbox team to back up that pride with excellent quality and reliability.

neutrik/switchcraft + internal usb = $12

This. I don’t see where inControl is getting the $20-$30 increase from when the two parts needed only cost $12.

When you are selling a premium product (or any product in general) and there is a defect, it’s your duty to fix it. Telling people “but taping it works and it’s free!” is NOT what you say to both existing and potential customers. That’s a very asinine way of thinking. This pretty much says to the community that you don’t care about your product nor the customers. You wouldn’t spend $200 on a phone only to have the battery constantly fall out and being told by the company to just buy a case or tape it up would you? No, not likely.

When you’re a small business, you can’t afford negative press. You aren’t Apple nor Steve Jobs who can say to the world with a straight face “just don’t hold the phone that way” and have the common people eat it up. You’re a small business with a small team and selling a very very niche product.

I just got my first plexi crack during normal play. Dunno why, maybe i was being too rough.

Okay, there’s been some misconceptions. We didn’t deny anyone about adding padding to prevent damages. We actually DO try to pad and protect them as much as possible, but even still sometimes things do happen that we can’t control. Buying enough padding to make sure nothing gets damaged costs money, and when you’re running a business you’re trying to save money. We’re trying to find a middle ground of how best to protect it while not spending everything we have on shipping filler.

As for sending someone a plexi, yes, that was denied, and I will deny it all day long till the cows come home. Pure and simple fact is that we do not ship individual parts. If something breaks you can send it back and we’ll fix it. If you want to fix it yourself you’re on your own. Maybe one day we can get an arrangement that people are more comfortable with, but for now that’s how it works.

And lastly about the USB problems. We never said we WEREN’T going to fix this issue. The issue for us is that we wanted to try a new design that we thought people would like, and as previously mentioned as a business we wanted to make it while trying to save as much money as possible. We wanted to avoid the Neutrik because, well frankly we’re not a fan of how it looks, and it’s another cost we have to account for. Sure, it might not be expensive for a single box, but when we need them for hundreds of boxes we’d be spending thousands of dollars on them. And that also means since it’s an integral part of our design that it’s another part we’d NEED before we could ship one out, so if stores were sold out of Neutriks, sorry guys, but we can’t send out boxes because Neutriks are out of stock. We’ve already been dealing with the PS360, we’re trying to have as few parts that we need to rely on as possible.

Another issue with the current design is that, well obviously, we’ve already made it. A new design is going to take time and if we still want to make money we have to sell more boxes. Unfortunately those boxes that will get sold have the design that causes problems. Even if we avoid making more for a while we still have to get rid of the ones we have. So basically we’re telling people some fixes they might not like because frankly that’s what we can do right now. Yeah it sucks to have to tape something you spent a lot of money for, but it works and you’re not going to see a new design immediately.

And to the guy who mentioned it, yeah, I am being silent about it, because I hate this just as much as you do. I don’t want anyone to have a Hit Box that is faulty or doesn’t work. I’m not going to come in here and act like everything is fine or you’re the one who made your box randomly start disconnecting, it was our design and I’m not happy about it.

I do not mind the tape up option. However, I am a big dummie and need someone to explain exactly how you place the tape onto the USB?

It would be no big thing to me, but I see the tabs on the sides of the of the USB that cause it to lock into place. I worry about where I place the tape because of that locking mechanism. I fear a piece of tape over it may cause it to not work like it should. Personally, I have had zero problems from playing my Hit Box, and I want to make sure it stays that way. Love your product guys, even though when I think I have it mastered it drops my execution on the floor and tells me, “You’ll never master me, Fool!”. lol

the pins are on the inside of the cable, so any tape on the outside is fine as long as it still fits in the jack.

The pins are the golden stripe things on the inside of the USB plug? Ok, I understand that, but that is not what I am asking. There are two tabs (where the outside plate of the USB plug rises just slightly). The Hit Box have said to use duct tape, but wouldn’t duct tape ruin the purpose of these tabs which I understand are what keeps the plug in the socket?