Hit Box - We so S Tier1!

Definitely strange. You’re not holding down Start or Select or Home as you plug it in are you? If you hold one of them (can’t remember which) down while plugging it in it tries to enter a firmware update mode and will not be recognized by windows until you’ve jumped through a couple of loops. Other than that all I can say is that windows assigns it the HID-Compliant driver and it’s recognized as PS360+v1.3 (v being version of the firmware). Make sure you don’t have a bad USB Port. You may have to manually assign the driver to the device. Strange, but this should be automatic. Maybe someone else knows more.



Thank you for the response Haku. I don’t think I was holding any buttons when I had it plugged in. I’m going to try and manually assign the driver for the hitbox in the morning. Is it hard to do? I imagine I choose to select the driver manually from a list. And do i need to download any drivers? I have a driver for my xbox 360 controller if that matters at all.
Thanks again for your time

The driver should come standard with Windows. This problem is so random and unexpected that I would have googled it on the spot if I were you.

I tried googling to no avail. I’m still having trouble getting it to work. Windows tells me it is an unknown device every time I plug it in. And I have no idea where to find the proper driver.
Thanks again for your reply though, I’m going to keep trying different things to try and make it work.

maybe its a bit offtopic but i have a question an i feel you guys knows it best
so i have a ps1 pad if i buy 12 buttons and put it together how good is it
shit?playable?good ß

That should be asked in the padhacking thread: *The "padhacking" thread*

I can’t tell you about using a PS1 pad, but I used a wireless 360 pad for my hitbox clone, and it works just fine.

Ordered last night. Can’t wait to try it out some more.

Any official word on the Hitbox + CronusMax + Xbone?

That would work just like any other joystick (PCB specific of course, or in this case PS360+ and Cthulu for ps3). You’re probably going to get a better answer looking in those PCB threads.

Chances are it will lag or systems will be updated to ban them.

Cronus is known to lag, and cause the other player to lag and drop inputs. The Cronus is also banned in several tournaments because of this.

i know it work my question was more how good is it without the socd stuff
i think you guys knows it the best

I just saw Tyrant on stream using a Hitbox in KI, anyone know how he set it up?

It’s a padhack.

Just got my hitbox yesterday. It is really going to take some work to retrain everything my hands have been doing. Luckily I main a charge character in sf4, so it’s a little easier. ekkkk
I will say, I was able to sit down in mvc for my first time in forever using a hitbox and was able to get a lot of my BnB’s to come out quickly.

Quick question. What hole lines up with what for the hitbox layout. I’m trying to cut out a TE replacement panel but I don’t know where to place the layout. Like, does the jump button line up with the X/B button??? Or does the Left button line up with the joystick hole. I’m completely stumped. Thanks for any help.

Got my Hitbox a few days ago, been training with it a lot since, and I have some questions for anyone. I’m coming from pad, with no stick experience whatsoever, so excuse my stupidity. I play only UMvC3 currently, so all of this will relate to that game. I hope it’s okay that I’m asking all this here, really don’t know where else to ask. :confused:

  1. The preferred layout, in general, is:

S A1 A2

I’m just having some issues with this. I don’t know if it’s just unfamiliarity, or me not knowing how to properly maneuver my fingers on this, but it seems really awkward hitting the assist buttons during a combo, especially with Zero. Any tips for this, whether it be a different layout more suitable to holding L, or how best to move my hand? Currently I tend to use my middle finger to hit A1 and my ring to hit A2, which I feel is reasonable, but it still feels weird.

  1. Up, or the jump button. What thumb is used to hit this? I’ll probably get a lot of “whatever is most comfortable” but I want to train myself to be a little more consistent with it in any given situation, so my fingers know what to do quickly. I think what happens now is I hit it with my left thumb when I launch (and maybe in neutral?), and right when I am jumping within a combo (neutral jump LLs, for example). Sometimes I get confused and wind up hitting S with my left thumb, somehow…

  2. More of a general question, but it feels like I’m not exactly learning what the buttons are, universally. For example, if I do a magic series with one character, and get it down to muscle memory…on a pad, I’d be able to do that with perfect consistency with any character (assuming they had a normal magic series :P). On Hitbox, it feels like I’m relearning everything for each character, which I didn’t expect. I’d have to take a moment to think about that magic series with the second character. It’s weird, and I’m sure it’ll pass, but I’m wondering if anyone else experienced this at first.

  3. Left-side DPs. My left ring finger is a little weaker than it should be, from an accident a while back. It’s not a huge deal, I can do everything fine, but quick, consistent DPs in succession are prone to failure. And of course, I’m learning Zero, so I kinda need those. :confused: I am sure I can do it eventually if I spend a lot of time practicing that motion, but that could take a really long time. So I went looking for a DP shortcut, and found: 4 > 4+2+6 > 4+2. I like this a lot, but can’t hit it consistently. Today I’m just going to take it slow repeating the motion, getting it down, and speeding up. Are there any other tips for that shortcut, or any other shortcut for DP (doubt it but might as well ask), or tips for normal DPs?

  4. How long did it take, for any Marvel players here, until you were comfortable enough with Hitbox to use it in a match? I feel like I’m making reasonable progress, I’ve had this thing for less than a week and I haven’t ever used anything besides pad, but I still feel like I won’t be ready for another few weeks at least.

Sounds like a lot of issues, but I’m kind of an idiot so yeah, thanks for any help in advance. As for the Hitbox itself, I’m liking it a lot. No issues with the actual controller. I’m definitely going to be sticking with it.

  1. Yeah that’s Type B for ya. I also didn’t play regular stick much. And I too am struggling with calling assists with zero. Especially the Launch + Vergil + Knockdown in air. I’ve seen a lot of layouts used in tournaments tho… So I messed around and changed L1 and L2 to assist 1 and 2. Rather, Assist 2 as L1 suits my needs for both my ZMC team and my Mag+Doom+Phoenix team. This means I have to work on my plink dashing though… As I don’t get the ez schmidt select.

  2. I use left hand for most uses, but right thumb for tiger knees. The timing on tiger knees on hitbox is pretty weird, but if you use your right thumb it slows it down enough for it to come out. If you can freely use both thumbs then that’s the way it’s meant to be done. The hitbox guys suggest the right thumb for moments when you want up come out, rather than for up to cancel down. For example if you’re trying to tiger knee Spencer’s OTG grapple you’ll need to hit 2369 H. But if you’re just doing it casually with your left hand, chances are you’ll get 239 and it won’t count as a tiger knee. You don’t get this problem with lightning loops.

  3. Spend some time in training mode, maybe go do missions for characters you’ve never played. It’ll feel natural.

  4. I’ve got nothing here

  5. Luckily my roommate wanted to get better with his madcatz stick at the same time. So we locked away the pads and dealt with it. I’d say it was like 2 weeks before it felt natural. A month later and I don’t know how I ever played pad. I still struggle with tiger knees with spencer, but that’s because I haven’t bothered practicing it. That’s like my C team anyway.

Does anyone know what size allen screws there are on the bottom of the hitbox? I want to change out some buttons, but none of my allen wrenches seem to be the right size. I also want to put silencers in as well :smiley:

Thanks for the answers. I’m glad to see the time to adjust to Hitbox was about the same for you as for people who frequently played stick, from what I’ve heard. Winter break is giving me a good deal of extra time to train with this, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine in a few weeks.

I’ve actually been more consistent with tiger knee DPs on both sides, than neutral jump DPs on both sides, which is odd. However, I want to start doing the 2013 LLoop. On pad, it’s extremely difficult, near impossible, so I dealt with regular loops, which I dropped constantly on the left side. I have no trouble with TKing on Hitbox in general, thank you for the tips though.

Use the SOCD shortcut when you’re on player 2 side. Makes LL really easy.

Easy as pie to do actually.

1.) Hold Forward
2.) press Back and down at the same time
3.) Release Back while still holding Forward and Down.
4.) Press attack button

Edit: annnnnd I misread your post. Ignore, but I’m still leaving this here :slight_smile: