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Why would a Xbox One controller and the KI TE stick work with the Brook Xbox One to PS4 adapter, but not the XB1 HitBox? What PCB does it use?

@JohnGrimm or anyone else

We’re using our own PCB for the Xbox One Hit Box. If it doesn’t work with an adapter, it’s because that adapter simply isn’t compatible. Not all PCB’s are created equally.

Pics of pcb yet? Common ground?

Scored the PS3/PC hitbox for a really good price and I’ve been using it to play 3rd Strike on FightCade.

I was wondering if it’s possible to mod that model to get it to work with a PS4 (in the event that SFV doesn’t support PS3 sticks)?

sure is

Hello guys, pretty much like this is my first message in shoryuken. First of all great community, I’ve been reading a lot and learning a lot from this forum.

Now I’m gonna go straight to the point, so here we go.

I have a Mechanical Keyboard which is a Nox Kross Mechanical Keyboard with Red Switches, thing is that it’s kinda broken… so I was thinking to mod it as a Hitbox like a user from this thread made.

But the thing is that I would have the 8 buttons using the Keyboard’s keys. Like the next image that I got from an user from this thread either.

This is my keyboard btw, the thing is that I have no idea where to start, any suggestions?

Damn, sorry for double message but I can’t edit the other one…

My idea is to use ASD as movement Buttons + Space or C as the Jump Button and then YUIO and GHJK as the 8 buttons. To have it similar or identically as a Hitbox right here:

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just create a poor mans hitbox :slight_smile:


That’s not a bad idea at all, but I was thinking more of using a box like almost all the people and put the keyboard pcb inside and then attach the switches with cables to the pcb’s buttons, since the switches are welded. Thanks I have your idea on the pocket.

Hate to rain on the parade and all, but this thread is specifically for the Hit Box product sold by Hit Box Arcade. This is a discussion more suited for the [***Stickless Arcade Stick Thread.***](The "Stickless Arcade Stick" Thread

Owwww shiat sorry m8, thanks btw, going straight to that thread then.

Does anyone know where I could find replacement rubber feet?

Hi @JohnGrimm
(1) Could you help me to take a picture on PCB of the Xbox One Hit Box?
(2) What kind device of the Xbox One Hit Box play on PC windows? like as USB keyboard or gamepad ??

been had asking for a PCB pic since before it came out lol
Please give the people what they want!

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to give a shout-out, as the first Hitbox user in Nigeria. B)

I’m a PC gamer & I’ve always used the keyboard for fighting games. Got my PS3/Xbox360/PC Hitbox through a friend that came in from the US on March 2015. Took me about 3-4 months or so to get comfortable. Probably took me this long because I had to change config from “triple Heavy medium light” to “light medium heavy triple”. Had to re-learn how to use Blanka because the input for Electricity changed. Also, had to get used to releasing back when charging “back-forward” inputs, because you didn’t have to release back on keyboard. But hey, I gained new shortcuts like the walking ultra tech and ease of doing instant air attacks. Lol

It has been a fun experience altogether. I don’t regret the decision. I now play competitively, more than ever. Don’t have to be going places with my laptop just to play SF or MK with my friends. Lol


  1. It would be nice to see the next generation of hitboxes come with headphone/microphone jacks.
  2. Producers should welcome artistic customization requests from buyers, even if it’ll come at a cost.
  3. future hitboxes should have a soft bump on the down button and on the light kick**(A)** or light punch**(X)** button, similar to how the keyboard has a bump on letters F & J. Took me a while to stop missing the finger placement/position on the hitbox after I just got it.
  4. an LED indication to show it’s connected and working. Or better still, back-lit buttons? B)


  1. will my current hitbox work with the xbox1 if I use a cronusmax/titan one with it (without any time out limitations)?
  2. will the xbox1 hitbox work with a ps4 if I use a cronusmax/titan one with it (without any time out limitations)?
  3. does the xbox1 hitbox work on PC?


As far as your suggestions, they’ve heard all that a million times and it will come as a significant cost increase to include any additional ports, features, etc.

For your questions, 1, 2 are dependant on the converter. There is only a timeout on the ps4 and that is dependant on the converter itself.
3. Yes, you need the M$ drivers.

This is assuming the Hit Box does not use a MS made Xbox One game pad PCB but a 3rd party PCB

Sort of. It will work, but the RT and LT buttons will not respond. As based off every other 3rd party Xbox One Arcade controller.
This is not the Fault of the people at Hit Box but how Microsoft does their drivers for Xbox One controllers. And Microsoft refuses to fix this issue saying its not their concern.

Unless you are a HUGE Xbox One player I would not get a Xbox One version of the Hit Box (or any arcade controller).
If you want PC compatibility stick with PS3 or PS4 controllers. The PCB that Hitbox been using for the PS3 only version of their controller is PC compatible. This is the same with their PS3/Xbox 360 version of their controller.

If you are looking for a converter for use with the PS4 console I have to recommend the Brook converter. So far they are the only ones that manage to almost impress me.
Keep in mind the last PS4 firmware update has broken Brook converter compatibility, but Brook quickly responded with a firmware fix for their own adapters. I wouldn’t touch the Titan One or Cronusmax with a 11 foot pole.

Actually the MKX pad LT and RT buttons work on PC in X1 mode. Other ones do not work (MCZ TE2, etc.)

Thanks for the reply guys.

Congrats on the PS4 hitbox guys

Can we please get some pics and specs of the PCBs you’re using in the PS4 and XB1 Hitboxes?