Hit Box - We so S Tier1!

You want Guile dash U1? Well, my keyboard is too shit to hit 3 buttons reliably, so have dash Super instead.


As for standing 720, I can’t do standing 720 on anything, let alone keyboard. It’s going to take a Zangief player with some practice to pull that off.

When you press both left and right, what happens? What about for down and up?

I think i’m gonna try and make one of these myself. I feel like using a full panel TE replacement plexi panel from Art’s tek-innovations and make a custom button layout then building a box for it. Seems simple enough.

The first input will deactivate when second is depressed, but will reactivate on the first available frame once the second is released. This is only true for opposing inputs. Depressing Down and Left with render you a :db:. Depressing Right after holding Down and Left will render a :df:.

Hold Down and Left while tapping Right repeatedly to render a series of :db::df::db::df:

This is also the holy grail of mashed DP.

EDIT: Ah ha. It seems it’s entirely PCB dependant, so says Husser.

Good stuff. Had no idea there were URL tags haha

These look amazing, dash ultras/jab-720s etc become a walk in the park.

When you do get your site up, do you plan on selling both variations of the hit box? As in the one shown in the first video along with the one on display in the second.


Yes. The 8-button is our standard Hit Box, but we will have others available that target specific games. I really like the 4-button design from the SCR video for TvC, BB, and SNK titles. We really like the shared jump button, so we’re going to incorporate it into that design. 6-buttons will be available as well per request. I have also had requests for standard arrow key layouts, which I can accommodate. We’re also working on a design for Marvel 3 that I think is going to be much better than the layout on the MvC3 test sites.
I have had many requests for Hit Boxes, so there unfortunately will be a waiting period.

Our asking price will be announced with our web site launch. But know that we will be very reasonable with our prices. We currently offer a Playstation padhack with converters to laglessly convert to any major console. Also, keep in mind that these are still ‘prototypes’ and the first generations of Hit Box and that we are not master carpenters, which we are factoring into our price. However, we stand behind our Hit Boxes and offer a very nice, quality product. We’ll be sure to have lots of pictures.
And, once again, there is a waiting queue for boxes, so please let me know if you would like to be on the list. We’re working as hard and fast as we can to craft quality boxes.

We’re going to add more videos soon with things we missed and better explanation to techniques. I’m writing things down as I see them. Thank you JohnGrimm for demonstrating Guile’s dash super.
I’ll also make a demonstration of how the game perceives holding BACK + FORWARD. The Playstation PCBs I use do not overwrite each other’s inputs. When you hold both poles at the same time you get a neutral input. DOWN + UP = Standing neutral. This doesn’t affect gameplay and is just as easy to do defensive SRK’s and sonic booms. It’s just things to know while you’re playing and rules for your fingers to consider.

I’m wondering if anybody could post a template file with this button setup so I can make my own art and template for it? I’m trying to make my own totally custom stick and am interested in trying to construct something similar.

I’ve actually been collecting parts to make one myself, but I’m just gonna wait until you open shop to get one. Out of curiosity, how long does each hit-box take to make?


Man, I’ve known I wanted to play on a “Fight Board” or whatever you want to call it for a long time. I’ve known intrinsically that it would be better for my game.

Problem is, now I don’t know if I want to buy a pre-built “Hit Box”, mod a TE with a custom TE plexi panel with the “Hit Box” layout, build my own custom, or, fuck it, buy a keyboard -> console converter.

The Hit Box growing in popularity makes me SO happy.

For years I’ve been on keyboard by choice, as i believe its the best peripheral. However people always gave me shit for it, and said i was at a huge handicap.

The worst thing is that I was unable to partake in SF events. As a result, I’ve tried learning stick so many times, but i can’t bring myself to follow through, because i know it’s worse. Why would i want to learn to use some medieval input device.

I’m currently building one myself, heres my plans;

I want my left hand thumb to push jump, not my right, thats the main diff i guess?

Also, here’s my older designs for 30mm Buttons (I’m using 24mm now)

I’m not quite sure if i want to follow the right design again. I kind of like the idea of my left thumb for Up, right thumb for Throw or Focus.

seriously, how do I buy one


The Hit Box has a standard 30MM size button for jump and with the overall design it is easily hit by both thumbs.

how much would it cost for international purchases uk for example?