Hit / c-hit confirm training?

Hi all,
I was wondering if someone could recommend some hit and counter hit confirm training drills for Cammy. As of now I am doing 2MP > 2MP > 2MK xx H.SA > dash > meaty 2MP with block and counter set to random
if I get a counter hit at any time I go into 2MK, if not then I go into H.SA then I do a meaty and try it again

I practice hitconfirm like this: Set dummy to “Guard: Random” and “Counter Hit: On”.

Now go do stLK crLP. If stLK hits counter hit you go for stLK crLP bMP HK xx LK SA into safe jump LK or dash dash stLK again.
If stLK doesn’t score a counter hit you go for stLK crLP stMP stHP (dummy will probably get counter hit somewhere in the string, be ready to confirm the combo).
Also, if the stLK is blocked you can go for stLK crLP walk grab too, its an excellent tick throw.

Now, one tip: Always imagine that your stLK will be blocked and have in mind a follow up if that happens - stLK crLP grab or stLK crLP stMP stHP, now, IF he gets counter hitted instead, change the plan to bMP TC. It’s easier to react properly this way since you’re only worrying about one thing instead of doing stLK crLP and trying to react accordingly to everything that can happen.

This string is really really strong too. Just keep in mind that stLK crLP bMP doesn’t work on wake up buttons that have too much pushback (not even crLP bMP works on them btw) and that only the particular gap of crLP stMP can be beaten by mashed 3f, the rest of it is tight af.

Happy practice.

with the bot on random guard and random counterhit
b+mp > st.lp xx ender on non CH
b+mp > st.mp > cr.mk xx ender on CH

for extra fun, toss a st.lk before the b+mp. it’ll combo on CH. (fwiw, be wary when using this in a real match. the st.lp/st.mp will whiff on certain characters if they wake up with certain moves. thanks capcom)

I… had never thought of it that way, the difference is huge for me. This is so smart. Funny how simple perspective tricks can make it look like you have heightened reactions.

Yeah. Filtering what you need to react or what you don’t need to react helps a lot when trying to answer properly to various outcomes.
Against quick/back recovery is the same. Don’t try to react to each wake up with your stLK. Always do your HK SA Dash walk stLK as if the opponent would do a backrise. And only pay attention to the quickrise. IF they quickrise you then press stLK as soon as possible, if they don’t… just do your backrise meaty as it was originally planned.

I had a lot of trouble hit confirming Cammy’s light and cr mk attacks. It took me about 10-12 months to be able to hit confirm off of light attacks reliably. I started training with the dummy set to random block and doing cr lk, cr lp xx spiral arrow. After a while I started to learn you don’t try to confirm if the cr lk hits and then decide to follow through with the combo. Instead you just do the cr lk, cr lp and quarter circle forward motion, then by the time you finish the cr lp you will be able to tell the cr lk hit so you can finish the combo with the spiral arrow.

I then started applying this same concept to other combos and it started to become easier as all you do is decide what combo you want to try for and then continue through until you can confirm it hit at some point. You decide what combo to do based upon what the opponent has been doing (teching, mashing jab, delay low, or just blocking) and what you feel they will do. Mixing it up is key as doing the same string becomes easy to block/deal with.

I was also able to apply this same idea to cr mk by using previous visual cues like the opponent walking forward or backward or after a shimmy when I saw them whiff the grab. I used these visual cues to confirm the cr mk rather than trying to confirm the actual hit of the cr mk. Although some claim they can do it by the hit I doubt most have those types of reactions. I have had some in the zone moments where I was hit confirming off things like cr mp into spiral arrow, but it was more of me recognizing the opponents patterns and my mind just free flowing. I find when you practice something over and over and then just let it happen things will become much easier to confirm, but if you try to force it by reacting to the hit that slight hesitation will cause you to mistime the hit. I’ve actively been trying, “not to think” so to speak while in matches as it tends to screw me up more than help me. This is the reason why getting salty is so detrimental to your game as it puts your mind onto your frustration rather than on what is happening at the time screwing with your reactions.

Confirming the cr.mk hit/block is not possible, you have to use context. No one is really doing it raw (ie dummy random block).
Regarding shimmy, when I shimmy I press the button and buffer at a given timing I adjust based on my opponent and if I see a throw/button I let it rip. I usually go for the st.lp walk back and forward st.mp though, it’s really easy to get it right once you have it set up on your mind. Actually throw/whiff punishing in this game for me in most cases is more of a setup than anything else…

As dumb as it may seem my main problem regarding confirms is negative edging hooligan after light blockstrings and spiral arrows after cr.mk. Yes yes “just hold the button” I know, I just lack motivation to train the muscle memory.

yeah works great until you try it on Bison and he grabs you right after the lp. That muther fucker always needs two hits before you can shimmy.

I’m still not sure why this wasn’t removed or kicks given the priority for Cammy. I mean so many other characters have been adjusted already to stop overlapping inputs. It makes no sense for us to cancel into hooligan when Capcom knows 99% of the time we are cancelling into a kick special.