Hit confirm and jab


I’m not very adept at fighting games so am having a lot of trouble adapting to SFV from SF4. One of the thing that I finally got down in 4 over the years was being able to convert all kinds of normals into specials. Specifically the standard light punches into light kick into specials. I could string along a decent amount of normals into specials in 4. Now the first thing I notice is that it doesn’t work like that in SFV. Maybe my timings are just all off so I hope those that are more familiar with this game can help me out here.

  1. So what can I do with jabs and shorts? I can’t seem to combo into anything with them.
  2. How exactly do I hit confirm? What is the general rule for SFV? Is it strong into strong into special (I can do this with Necalli)?

Right now without being able to convert fast and safe normals into bigger damage, I feel like I’m just mashing strong and fierce, then anticipate/react if they hit in order to finish the combo. Is that how I should play?

Thanks for any help.


You can hit confirme off 2 light attack easy still. You can also hit confirm off single medium attacks. You will just have to get used to it. It’s not hard. Sf4 spoiled people.


So I assume that means I can’t safely apply pressure like in 4 then? That’s fine, just wasn’t sure how to approach SFV’s changes yet.


The design philosophy seems to be:

  1. It confirms into big damage and you lose frame advantage if its blocked OR
  2. It confirms into minor damage and you keep some frame advantage on block.

Just like defense became more honest by getting rid of invincible backdashes, FA backdashes and crouch techs, they’re making offense more honest with the above.


Thanks for the help, can’t wait to play this again!


This is why people should try playing some of the older games. For example, alot of the hit confirms in 3rd Strike were off non-light, with things like Ken’s short-short super being the exception.


Even though I’ve been playing fighting games since SF2, SF4 was the first SF that I really got “good” at.

I used to really get annoyed by people who shit on SF4 for all its supposed flaws due to the introduction of FAs and invincible back dashes, and the importance of mastering jab comfirms, but now that I’ve played the SFV beta, I really do see how taking them away and putting the focus back on spacing and reads has made the game more fun.

16 Feb 2016 can’t come fast enough.


Sorry didn’t got into fighting games until vanilla SF4, so a lot of fighting games “fundamentals” I’ve learn are from SF4 guides and replays.

But about hit confirming with non-light. How safe are strong and straight on block in SF5(in general)? Say if I got a jump in and my opponent only blocked it, should I use MP -> cMP to see if he opens up? Or just jab out of it? Or light attacks into medium? Basically I guess I’m wondering if there are any true block strings, or its going to be pokes.


Depends on the character.

Most characters seem to have a medium that is neutral or positive that you can use to frame trap.

For example, Rashid 5MP is +2 on block and on hit confirms into 2MK for a combo. This allows him to very easily hit confirm with mediums as well as create frame traps at the same time.

Heavies will usually be negative and generally hard to hitconfirm, but I’m actually seeing a lot of neutral or around it heavies in this game. Notable examples are Dictators 5HK and Rashid’s 5HP (which is neutral and crush counters)


Both neutral and crush counter seem really strong :expressionless:


i dont think buffering off 2 jabs or osing/buffering off a signgle mediums = hit confirm.

it’s easy to confirm off 2 mediums because of the hitstun, but off 2 jabs = less time. If you consistently confirm off 2 jabs and manage to get from a poke from a jab you weren’t sure would land then good for you. but getting a 2 jabs to ch/reverse a move you know is not safe =/= hit confirm. fishing a frame trap ch using 2 jabs =/= hit confirm.

that’s just my opinion tho


Ever since playing the beta and realizing a lot of this games execution will come from hit confirms I’ve been in the lab putting the dummy on random block and practicing. Now since the beta has ended I’ve been doing this in Sf4, but I have thought that before V comes out I should learn 3S to better my hit confirm skills. Because of your post I’m definitely going to do that now.

Any tips?


Not totally sure what you are saying but hitconfirming off 2 lights is actually not difficult. My single stimulus (which this is) reaction time is actually sitting only just above what is considered reatarded and I can confirm off 2 lights in this game. I’m not 100% consistent due to focus, but when I’m focused looking for it, I don’t miss it.

I’m pretty sure 98% of people here could hitconfirm off lights easier than I could with practice, I’ve practiced this stuff A LOT because of my aforementioned horrible, horrible natural reaction times, I’ve had to practice to get any consistency whatsoever. I have never been able to master single hit, hit-confirms though unfortunately.


So, are people saying that you hitconfirm a medium or heavy attack and THEN decide to cancel it into a special/super? To be honest i haven’t really tried to practice that really hard, but it seems unnecessarily difficult, definately not something Capcom is expecting of people when they designed this game. However for the folks who can grind it out it might end up being a very benificial tool to have in your arsenal.
As for just general type of confirming this is what is expected i guess:

  • 2 lights canceled into a special/super. If the first light hits, then the 2nd one will also combo and you just complete the motion for the cancel into a special/super.
  • A single medium attack, on hit you combo into another comboable link, on block you don’t do shit, or something else.
    *Example: After having conditioned the opponent that even if they block a medium attack and get hit by the 2nd medium attack if they press buttons, they might not press buttons so readily anymore. WHich opens something like this: An example with Necalli, you do st.mk and if it is blocked you walk forward and do another st.mk until it hits, when it hits you combo into cr.mp xx special/super.

This is how i play the the game and i don’t think i’ll ever be able to hitconfirm a single medium attack into a cancel consistently. I can link into specials, ultra and supers from medium and heavy attacks in USFIV but never a cancel.


I found hit confirming from lights to be easy with Ken. The simplest one to do is cr.lk x2 > hp.srk.


The only cancels from mediums that you can hit confirm are in 3s to my knowledge, because Chun c.MK cancel window is huge, like 17f to cancel or some shit i dunno.


Do it in SFV training mode. Hitstop/stun/frame and super shortcuts are different so honestly imo there’s no point training that in another game.


hit confirms off two lights is usually pretty easy. if people think they can’t do it my suspicion is they haven’t really tried. it’s not difficult.

hit confirms off single hits of course depends on the move. a lot of the do-able single hit confirms in 3s are links, not cancels.

Chun low forward -> super in 3s is a good example of a do-able cancel though I think how easy it is is often overstated. it’s not easy like “you can low forward, walk away, make a sandwich, come back and hit the buttons” like I saw one guy say it. it’s easy as in it’s absolutely confirmable but even the best players in the world miss it occasionally, especially in heated matches.


Yea my problem was having to react to one normal to confirm. 2 cMP would be easier but I wasn’t sure if it is fast, safe and reliable enough against good players or even mashing. By hitconfirm I mean something like cLK-> cLP-> cLP-> cMP (which I think is impossible, hence this thread), you know 3+ normals in a row then finish with a special move.

But since that is not how SFV works, I came looking for help.


Play 3rd Strike Chun and practice landing cr.mk xx SA2. It’s a late enough cancel that it’s not that hard to do. The timing is probably close to what you’d see in SFV.