Hit Confirm Buffering

The title is probably a bit misleading, because I’m not talking about regular hit confirming in a combo. I read somewhere that the reason you see guys like Cantona and Itabashi wiffing seemingly random cr.lps with Gief is because you can buffer an EX Green Hand into one so that it only comes out if the jab connects. I’ve worked with it a bit it training and can’t get it consistently - plus it’s difficult to tell when I’m whiffing it if it would have come out on connect. Does anyone know 1) the exact inputs for this technique? Or if it is somewhere else, kindly drop me a link? and 2) wouldn’t this be more effective with cr.lk, since it hits low and does 10 more damage?

What I’ve been trying to do is this:
:db:, :df: + :lk:, :d:, :df: +:2p:
Is it just my execution? Because sometimes it will connect and not Green Hand - which only costs me damage, but sometimes the GH comes out without the kick connecting…and that’s punishment waiting to happen.

Well, as for execution, I think I may have answered one of my questions.

:df:, :d:, :df: + :lk: ~ :2p:

It seem to work just as well with cr.lk, but all the “big boys” seem to do this with cr.lp - anyone know why?
Also, it kinda sucks with that input command because you can’t (or at least I can’t) do it rapidly, so you couldn’t set up a wall of jabs a’la Guile or Boxer to ward off walk-ins. Or rather, I guess you could, and then make a few of them the “loaded” ones with the EX Hand buffered in, but not all of them. It also means you have to start it from an offensive crouch, meaning to get it started you have to take your guard down and I would assume this tactic is designed for footsies…

Giefs st. LP, cr. LP and cr. LK all have really good hitboxes. They can hit fat characters limbs really easily. cr. LP has an especially good hitbox for a lot of this stuff. It can easily stuff a Rufus or Balrog poke. cr. LK is important for beating low MK moves.

I do down-forward LP, down, down-forward MP HP.

You probably should leave defensive crouch. Doesn’t really matter, if you commit to a jab you aren’t very safe anyway.

Anyway you’re absolutely right, this is a part of footsies. So obviously you can’t just spam buffered cr. LPs. You can try to do them really fast but your opponent won’t just throw their limb into it if they think you’re gonna do it either.

Thanks man. But - and forgive a newb if I’m wrong - but doesn’t the input you described make the GH come out wether or not the jab connects? That’s the command I use during combos, and what I’m asking about is something that makes the GH come out only on connect or block. Maybe I’m just doing it too slow when I do it that way? At any rate, it seems to work with the inputs I described in the second post.

I think you are doing it a little too slow. I don’t have a problem doing it that way with cr. LP, but with st. LP x EXGH (which is also very good) I do have trouble with the ex green hand coming out anyway. A trick I use for that is to not release the MP and HP buttons after pressing them (this will stop you from getting a negative edge input that you don’t want).

So you can try not releasing the MP and HP buttons to make sure it doesn’t come out on whiff.

Ah - very nice. I didn’t think of that. Thanks again man. I always forget about that when I’m trying a new tactic because neg edges don’t show up in the input display.

I didn’t think of it either, I read it on the Zangief boards. Normally i dont think about negative edge at all, haha.

I dont use Gief much but I tend to use st.lk has slightly more range and very good for footsies.
I do it way differentlly I press s.lk then do the green hand while the kick is still out. dont do it too fast or kara green hand might come out.