Hit Confirm Chun's stand strong and other tech


Someone asked me how I hit confirm stand strong with Ryu and Chun Li into their super arts.
I use two major methods when I’m poking. Most people when they hit confirm do this:
Chun: low mk, double fireball super. This works really well with Chun’s low forward because you have a ton of time to do it.
But, you can also do empty fireball motion, low forward plink super. With shinkuu it feels like I’m just doing the double fireball for straight shinkuu hadoken, but pushing medium kick in the middle. I use this more with Ryu’s low forward, (or if I want to hit confirm off the knee, but I rarely do that) especially off of jump ins. with a lot of preliminary pokes, you can hide your fireball inputs, and I’m forever in the middle of a match sliding up and down with empty fireball motions going both directions.
With stand strong for Ryu and Chun li requires practice. Pretty much it’s just hit the normal and always do an empty fireball motion. If you’re not careful, you’ll accidently negative edge and it’ll come out as normal -> fireball. There’s a specific timing window for when certain pokes are cancellable. What you try to time is the empty fireball motion before the window opens up, so you can complete the motion as soon as you see the window. It is impossible to see the window and spin the stick that fast, so you need to practice preemptively doing it. It’s something you learn with some intuition and practice, but people these days are hitting 1 frame links in SF4, so i’m certain all you players out there can do it.
A little secret about the disadvantage of hit confirming like that: I don’t do the empty fireball off of every poke. Why? Because it limits my defense. I guess a very good player would still have the presence of mind to stop in the middle of all thosed whiff motions to do things like throw break…But of course if you’re doing motions like that, you can’t parry, it’s harder to throw break, move forward or backwards, etc. Daigo used the same tech for the longest time in SF4 to hit a lot of his umeshoryu’s. In situations where he can’t attack or he’s in the animation of a normal, he’s doing empty shoryuken motions…just in case you dump out an attack. That’s why he was able to easily punish players that missed links.

Go back and watch some of those streams from Japan where they had the inputs on. You’ll see he does a lot of preemptive shoryuken/fireball motions to achieve essentially a similar thing. It’s still hitconfirming, but it’s a little different, because you’re not trying to hit confirm a normal.

Oh, another evil tech that I suppose is possible but this one I cannot do…So 3rd strike let’s you shortcut double fireballs and shoryukens. I haven’t sat down and figured it out, but you can short cut a motion that would be an option select for either a super or an uppercut…i.e., if you had super and pushed the button, it would come out as super, but if you finished the motion and pushed punch, it would come out as shoryuken. What’s the point of that? It means if you’re doing the empty motion technique, you can also turn any hit confirm into an uppercut at any time…meaning you can deal with throws by uppercutting them on reaction instead of teching them. Also, it’ll allow you to hit confirm uppercuts in a combo (which is only marginally useful most of the time because if you’re too far it’ll miss.) It’s only theory, but I believe it is possible


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you already seem familiar with why buffering motions before normals is bad. the fact that an unconventional player does it in a game that isn’t 3S doesn’t really say anything. i don’t understand anything in that last paragraph, and since it mentions “uppercutting throws on reaction” i have to assume it’s nonsense.


you just described what everyone already does.


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I’m totally serious in what I said. I don’t understand how they speak, not entirely anyway, and he seems to know exactly what he wants to say.

He should be the ambassador, and explain to them in their terms why this game is good for them and why their fgc experience needn’t be so sf4 exclusive or rather new gen exclusive. 3s is fight for the future after all so I guess it would still fit in.


I’m happy for the guy not here, "someone,"
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