Hit confirm into ultra 2?

this has probably been answered here, so my apologies, i am new. but i’m wondering if there is any good way to get into ultra 2? the only thing i know that links into it is jumping fierce, but that doesn’t make for ample time to hit confirm.<br><br>any constructive answers are greatly appreciated!<br>

well… from the frame data it looks like you should be able to hit confirm it off several normals. close mk to be more specific though i was not able to get it to work. ultra two has some uses but its best used off cr. mk, hadoken, fadc ultra 2.

i sometimes do a meaty jab then a cr. fp or st. fp (as a frame trap) then hadoken, fadc u2.

u can be creative with it.

Cross up EX Tatsu is also pretty effective.

You can also punish several blocked specials with it since it has a 7 frame start up

I hit confirm after crossup tatsu

karathrow dashback medium tatsu

karathrow stepback jab low tatsu

karathrow long stepback ex tatsu

you can do it off close standing medium kick far standing jab ex tatsu fireball fadc and i managed to do it off of a normal crossup L.Tatsu but it was very hard