Hit confirm methods

Which do you use?

After doing and confirming supers many diffrent ways, I am trying to find one way that works the best for me. All in all, I really have no problem confirming but sometimes get stuck on exactly which method I planned on using. yeah, its quite stupid.

Anyways, the methods I know of are watching the life bar, stun meter, points, and sound. Other things that i often do would be the 360 method and your usually quick qcf supers.

I find the life bar method easier at home simply because of the big red flash on the bar when hit. This obviously does not work as well for short,short or at the arcade. For short shorts I usually do the 360 method and often watch stun bar. If I am really not into the match at all I simply go by sound and animations.

What are your methods? Do you guys mix it up like me or do you tend to stick to one method? I have heard of people doing it one way or another depending what side they are on. I know people do short short many diffrent ways, how do you do it? Do you watch the health bar, score, or listen?

i look at the characters? ive never had the tendency to focus on the lifebar or so when pushing a button, so dont try to hitconfirm on something you dont find yourself familiar with…if your own method works, why change the formula? =)

I do need sound for my hitconfirming though.


  • score change on hit
  • life bar decreases on hit
  • opponents character animation changes on hit
  • yellow burst when a move makes contact on hit
  • sound

the secret to the hit confirm is the buffer. When you properly buffer it, all you have to do is look for the hit then drum the kicks. Now if your buffer is only consistent about 50% of the time and you hit confirm, you can’t exactly say I hit confirmed that. The buffer has got to be automatic and the actual confirm will come along much easier.

I think quite some time ago, someone said the yellow burst upon contact is the first cue for a hit confirm. Everything else like score change or life bar happens after the yellow burst has made its appearance. So if you want to have the most time to hit confirm, the yellow burst should be what you’re going for. This is only if the yellow burst is the first confirm available on the screen. Maybe someone else can confirm that.

i’ve fucked around with everything when its come down to hit confirms. The best practice I had was actually playing mvc2. The game itself is much faster than any game on the market and the shear speed of it forces your reflexes to get better and faster. I dropped 3s about a year ago and started playing marvel. After switching games and coming back, I find that the things I had a hard time with are 100x easier like hit confirming.

Don’t use sound. Sometimes , you can’t hear a fucking thing in the arcade, or the sound on the machine is low or busted.

i find opponent animation easiest.
confirming in any method is pretty easy though.
i just decided to use that one only.
and i can verify c.mk sa3 a good 80%+ of the time.

sometimes i use opponents high pokes as confirm like while i do a low forward i see my opponent is throwing out a standing strong so I see super is gonna hit, doesn’t work all the time due to opponents throwing out jabs for no reason :frowning: .

I do that as well, say if I wiff a mp right outside of their range and I see them do something with any worthwhile delay, I super.