Hit confirm -> Target Combo/Bushin Chain

I am having trouble doing the hit confirm on Guy. Basically c.lp, c.lp -> Target Combo/Bushin Chain. I believe another hit confirm I’ve seen is c.lk, c.lp -> Combo

I can do the target combo and bushin chain by itself almost flawlessly online but I am having trouble linking them to a hit confirm both online and in training mode. I can do it about 20% of the time in training and 10% of the time online. Is there some trick to it or is the timing just really strict?

perhaps this is the problem: Super Street Fighter IV - Shoryuken Wiki

Try slowing down your jabs before the bunshin chain. I don’t play Guy, but I’ve had this problem before, and I don’t think that information right there is common knowledge.

this question probably should have been posted in this thread, but it’s not that big of a deal.

i had this same problem when i first started playing guy when the game just came out. a lot of times when i was going for cr.LP > cr.LP > bushin chain, i’d often get cr.LP > cr.LP > st.LP > st.HP. i assumed it was because i was rapid fire / chaining all of the jabs together, so i actively tried to link the bushin chain after the two crouching jabs. i’ve been able to land the combo consistently ever since.

…in other words, East’s response is pretty much on point. try slightly pausing before you begin the bushin chain.

Thanks east and streak. You guys were right. I am now doing really well with the hit confirm in training mode, will hopefully do well with it online.

You were right. Hehe I forgot that there was a Q/A thread stickied. Will post future questions I have there. Thanks.

Timing is different for hit confirming to Bushin Chain, and TC, from my experience. And it’s not easy. I’ve played almost 1500 ranked matches with Guy and still only get it %70 of the time, outside of training.

I’ve noticed this problem alot, too, even with higher level players. Going into the replays and watching some of the good (B+ or higher) Ranked Guy players, turning inputs on (like you should), alot of times they still don’t get the Bushin Chain to go – they usually press it too fast, in the heat of battle, in a punish situation. :lol: I’ve also seen some good Guy players who almost never use it, just using the TC with different finishers instead. I’m assuming because it’s just a bit more reliable in split-second situations.

You can rapid fire the BC from cr.lp x 2 and the TC is a two frame link from cr.lp x 2, bear in mind the hp of TC will whiff on some characters, best to do cr.:lp: xx cr.:lp:, :mp: xx :qcf::k:,:mk: on them when they’re crouching I think.

anyone have a problem with mk.hurricane wiffing on crouching characters on hit? For ex. cr.lp x2, st.mp, hurricane? ive noticed it on Sakura and maybe a couple of others. I usually just go with run-slide but if you do it in the corner it sends you in the corner. Sometimes ill go for the ex.hozonto just to know it will hit but thats a waste of one bar

should always hit confirm out of cr.lk. it has more benefits than using cr.lp. the timing is a little different than cr.lp, but learning it is worth it.

I concur with K1, c .lk is much better. I use it because it has to be low blocked (makes overhead mixup MUCH more effective), and it does more damage.

agreed, this is probably the best universal hit confirm bnb if you’re tired of TC and bushin chain whiffing. i find it a little harder to execute consistently but it’s just a matter of practice.

yeah but man I miss the c.lp after c.lk a lot, definitely kinda weird long timing on that link.

I take it that a st mp in that string? Have to give it a whirl

You can’t chain c.p, c.p, > Bushin Combo. You have to link it. The easiest way to do this imho is to practice the c.mp, c.mp, c.hk link with ryu. If you can do that consistently, you shouldn’t have trouble linking most combos.

Thanks for bringing up this topic as this has been one of the things keeping me from going beyond 5K BP. I always do TC after crossup mk and end with hozanto, if blocked i go for EX tatsu as 85% of the people will try to counter after the blocked hozanto netting me nice counterhit dam.

I have realized the damage is not enough and my play suffers because im getting too predictable due to only doing a couple of things on crossup.

I will definately work on the cr.lk, cr.lk link to bushin chain as it is required to raise the skill level of an aspiring Guy player imo. I can only imagine the day my muscle memory allows me to have a nice 250dam combo from EVERY cr.lk that hits, now that is a terrifying weapon in ones arsenal. Coupled with the thoughts from Juicebox on his latest podcast on throws leading to frametraps I hope my skill will raise :wink:

Is that info posted in this forum?
I can’t find it :frowning:

I may be wrong, but I think this is the podcast that YudaHnK’s talking about:

Juicy Bits Podcast - Episode 4 - ‘All About Throws’ | BLGaming

Im having problems with this as well. I can pull of hard kick to bushin chain no problem. I just have problems with hit confirming LP or LK into bushin chain. I keep trying it and my timing just has to be off. I either just get MP sometimes a blocked TC. How fast should I be pressing jab and how much of a pause before BC or TC? I watched the Vesper Guy tutorial and I try his timing and still cant get it. Im just screwed…

Its just like #12 or so in the trials when you link lk to lp and cr.mk but instead of doing cr.mk head strait into bushin combo.

I will go back to the trial 12 and try it out. It just gets annoying missing that Bushin chain. Ive only been playing two months so I guess it takes time. Thanks

JDM its really like a beat, almost this whole game can combo if you are listening and tapping your buttons accordingly