Hit Confirm Tournament Series 2nd - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Jan 30-31, 2016


**Date: January 30th/31th, 2016
Time: starts at 1pm (GMT -3)
Venue: X-Revolution cybercafe (Engenheiro Armando de Arruda Pereira ave., 1370)
Entry fee: 15 Reais (this is the cybercafe’s fee for playing the whole day)
Tournament fees:

  • Mystery Game Tournament: 2 Reais
  • Guilty Gear Xrd Sign: 20 Reais
  • everything else (Arcana Heart 3 Love Max / BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma Extend / Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition / Street Fighter III 3rd Strike): 10 Reais
    How to go to the venue:
    after alighting at either Jabaquara or Conceição subway stations (both of them are located on the blue subway line), ask how to go to the Carrefour supermarket; the cybercafe is at the door next to it**

Saturday tournaments schedule - Master of the Weeaboo day:

  • 1pm: event starts; BBCP side tournament
  • 3pm: DFCI side tournament
  • 5pm: AH3LM side tournament
  • 7pm: mystery game (single elimination)

Sunday tournaments schedule - Ruler of Farofa day:

  • 1pm: event’s second day starts; 3s side tournament (if there’s enough players; otherwise, some extra gg tournament)
  • 3pm: GG Xrd tournament

(all times are GMT -3)


  • FT2 on all matches, save for winners/losers/grand finals
  • mystery game tournament uses single elimination, all other tournaments use double elimination
  • FT2 rounds
  • stylish/simple modes/unlimited characters aren’t allowed (except for mystery game tournament, where everything is allowed)
  • bring your own controller!** normally, there are people who can lend you controllers, but it’s not guaranteed that there will be spare controllers available. If you borrow a controller, we can’t be held responsible for eventual problems that you may have with it.
  • all games/tournaments will be played on PS3
  • if you’re using a wireless controller, please turn your controller off from the console so to avoid accidents such as pressing the controller’s home button and pausing someone else’s match
  • respect the tournament schedule! - when your name is called, please come play without delay, this time due to the amount of games/tournaments we will be having a tight schedule so please help uncle panda and don’t delay the schedule


  • bonus pots for the following games:
  • Guilty Gear Xrd: R$ 1,200
  • Arcana Heart 3 Love Max: R$ 1,000 (courtesy of shadowbringer)
  • Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition: R$ 600
  • Mystery Games: R$ 200
    additionally, all of the tournament entry fee money for each tournament will be added to their respective games’ pot, and the top 3 players will receive, respectively, 70%/20%/10%


  • the tournaments will be streamed at X-Revolution’s stream here
  • the entire top 8 of each tournament will be run on stream; pool matches will be run according to the game’s tournament and schedule

Pre-registration: here

1- side games?
A: this time, all side game slots have been filled, lol

2- what’s mystery game?
A: a tournament where a game is randomly chosen for each bracket round; any game which people bring to the tournament is eligible to be played (if chosen), besides the games that the tournament organizer himself has

soon I’ll update this thread with more details, such as a flyer, a link for helping spread word about the event, and a promotional video

original thread: http://www.hitconfirm.com.br/forums/showthread.php/3338-Hit-Confirm-Tournament-Series-2-30-e-31-de-Janeiro-de-2016