Hit Confirm Trouble



Im trying to do the following hit confirm
cr lk cr lp st lp cr lp rekka

I can never get the rekka out unless i mash, and when i mash it just rarely comes out, can someone help with the timing.


try cancelling cr.lp into mp or hp rekka, easy as hell


thats what im doing but the rekka wont come out


Slow down your pace, I think you are going too fast, thus chaining st.lp into cr.lp instead of linking it. Keep training, go as slow as possible, find your rythm, it’ll come naturally.


Is there any better way you can reccomend for a hit confirm?


Try close standing MP after a jump-in, followed by cr.LP xx Rekkas. You get a lot of time to combo off of that move so it should be easy.


Being fluid with the button presses is what got me going this one. I couldn’t do it for the longest time , then I hit training for an hour and got it down. If you watch You tube vids, good fei’s seem hit the lights extremely fast, but that’s not necessary, it’s all timing.

My personal technique and preference is - cr LK, st LP, st LP, cr LP into rekka. But the last cr Lp is done faster, to aid me with this I Strum LP and MP with my index and middle finger as I’m making the QCF motion and the rekka comes out nice and smooth.

I can then finish off with either MP or HP rekka’s depending on what type of day I’m having!

Could be wrong, but it works for me. It’s probably one of the combo’s that just can’t be mashed.


ive tried this… but it makes no sense… its like im not even trying to do the rekka when i know i am ;(


Whenever I’m trying to learn new combo’s with a character I’m not familiar with, I hack combo’s into pieces. First practicing the indivual pieces and then later adding them together into one long combo. I advise you to do the same.

Start off combo-ing cr.LP xx rekka. If you can do that consistently doing st.LP, cr.LP xx rekka. And after you got that down put it all together.

Learning combo’s is just a matter of muscle memory. Practice your combo’s long enough and you can focus all your attention on the match at hand. The less you have to think, the better. :china:


Like Jehoedi said it, if you learn the timing for st.LP, cr.LP xx rekka, and keep practicing that until you’ve got it right, then adding the other bits is pretty simple because you can chain all of that and then just link the st.LP, cr.LP together at the end.

Personally instead of: cr.LK, cr.LP, st.LP, cr.LP xx rekka

I use: cr.LK, cr.LK, st.LP, cr.LP xx rekka

It keeps things simpler IMO.


alright ill try that… thanks for the help :slight_smile:


There’s essentially only 2 parts to this combo. The transition between the jabs and rekka’s and the last jab into rekka part.

Try this…

Start at the end first, we know you can do the jabs so practice… From neutral position on the stick or pad (this is important for me) -:

Hit down, then LP, Down forward, MP, Forward (obviously all in one smooth motion). Fei will then LP into Rekka. I find it personally much easier (on stick) to use 2 buttons instead of 1.

Now just play about with the spacing and timing between your St LP and the above motions.


hmm that actually worked for me… thanks… now im just gonna practice this to get this down perfectly :wink:



Now all youve got to do is mesh the two parts together.

If it were button presses or numbers it’d go something like this (kind of trying to express it in timing terms here…lol)

crlk gap st lp gap st lp (no gap) crlp into rekka

or counting 1 2 3 45

Don’t know if I’m explaining that right or not!?! Basically do your Standing lights with no stick position (neutral) and on the last one quickly hit down and LP (the start of the rekka cancel that you can do now) and finish the combo off.

There’s many versions, but I find this one the easiest combination.


highland u may aswell do lp>hp rekka > lp rekka, since the first mp rekka and 2nd lp rekka are both -6 on block, plus u get more dmg outa the hp if it hits


Nice, will practice that when I can get a chance. The only reason I use MP is because it’s the next button over on the TE (minor I know)


s having trouble with this also but went into training and get it down in about 15 mins. Try doing cr.lk st.lp cr.lp rekkas. And yes start with the medium rekkas it’s a lot easier than light ones. Remember you can change rekkas mid animation so you can go from mprekka then hp or EX rekka for the last two which is pretty cool.


Can’t change to EX Rekkas mid way…


I had it on auto block and I could


its actually easy once you can do it without smashing… you basically just gotta do the Rekka real fast after u do the cr.lp or st. lp… dont matter u just gotta press down forward mp as soon as u got the first punch out…