Hit Confirmation

How do you guys hit confirm? I understand that you would practice until you can tell whether or not you hit your opponent. BUT do you input a command during the actual attack that is to be confirmed? For example, Ken (since c.mk is infamous), do you qcf+c.mk (c.mk while pressing down) > (it hit!!) qcf+k? I’m finding this to be the easiest way BUT at the same time I’m thinking it’s like this… c.mk (it hit!!) qcfx2+k.

What is the proper way? What is the most common way?

2c.mk36, 236k or c.mk, 236x2k?

For the c.MK into SA3 with Ken I use this :
2c.MK36, 236KKK
Generaly I use this way for all the hit confirm I have in my game for Chun Li, Necro, Remy, Ken…
Make the move, for example b.HP with Chun Li make your quarter circle quickly during the move, then if it hit drum all the kick button.

What I do: I buffer the qcf’s during the MK, hold your kick buttons down, then release your kick buttons in quick succession if you see the hit. So you are using negative edge on the release.

Is it possible to hit confirm off Ken’s MK? You’d have to be pretty quick. I have 160m/s reaction time and I don’t think I could do it. Thats why Ken has short, jab, short and short short super though.

If you practice and still can’t hit confirm low forward xx SAIII with Ken, don’t play Ken. That’s a huge part of his game. I use negative edge to hit confirm almost everything. When you throw the move out, hold the button down and do the motion for the super, and if you see it hit, release the button for the super. You end up doing a lot of unnecessary motions, but it pays off when you nail the super nearly every time.

The only time I don’t bother to buffer supers is with Chun, where you can throw c.forward, get up, make a sandwich, take a nap, come back, and input the super and still get it.

I don’t play Ken. I play Yun. jab,short,strong GJ! Who cares if it hits. But if I ever feel like playing someone else, I buffer, confirm, then negative edge.

Start with Chun. Then work to Ken.

Chun c.MK xx super hitconfirm is 100x easier. When you get used to it, then work on Ken, who’s a lot more timing-intensive.

I personally just do d+MK, then roll from there to forward and do a full 360 back to forward, and if I see that it hits, piano all three kicks.

Always piano. It’s 6 inputs. Holding kicks down and negative edging them to super only gives you 3.

If you’re trying to poke into it, if you’re out of their blocking range you could always just c.MK and do the super anyway. If c.MK doesn’t hit, super won’t go off. If it pokes / outprioritizes a limb or something, the super comes out.

Just don’t use it too much since you’ll probably have it come out when you don’t want it to.

Thanks for the tips and advice guys. Ken was just an example but thanks anyways.

Some of you guys must have godly reaction time. I don’t know anyone who can do a real hit-confirm with ken’s cr.MK

maybe experience-wise, and judging from how your opponent reacted the moment you were doing a cr.mk, you can hit confirm it.
that’s how i believe most people hit confirm w/ ken’s cr.mk.

or just that godly reaction ttime.

isnt kens hit comfirm made with cr. strong

I find cr. strong VERY easy to hit confirm, yet I can’t do it with c. mk, I can see it hit, but it seems like I can’t cancel it into the super.

Oh well…

Yeah, that is what I am talking about. If my opponent were to wiff a standing attack, then I might low forward super him, but that isn’t really a hit confirm, I’m just fairly sure I will hit him with it before I even do the c.forward.

If you can do it in training mode with the dummy set to random-block, then you can hit confirm.

very very few people have the reaction time to consistantly hit confirm kens c.mk. most ken players just press the button on reaction to something else, rather than like the c.mk itself hitting. its possible, just hard as fuck to get consistantly. only player ive seen do it very consistantly is paulee.

you cant really hit confirm realisticly with c.forward cuz you cant link or late cancel the move. reason why people usually land it without fail is they do the actual super motion (the entire motion, including button press) whenever they use c.forward. since sf3 is different than other sf games, you cant cancel out moves into another move unless it makes contact with the opponent (only exception is super cancels). so doing low forward xx shippu when the low forward wiffs, will not cancel into shippu.

so the trick is during footsies, be outside your low forward range. whenever you throw out low forward, do the full super motion, it wont come out. periodically throw out the low forward and keep doing the super buffer, eventually the opponent might dash into the low forward, or throw out an attack that will get beat by low forward and the super automatically comes out. you stil lgotta be cautious on your range, since he could be in range where he can slightly walk in between 2 of your low forwards and block the second one. you usually wanna be a little further out to where they have to close the gap by dashing, so theres a moment where they cant block. or at a range where you can beat whatever they throw out heh…

common knowledge. but throwing it out for those who dont know

Thaaank you, I couldn’t believe people were talking to that guy like you’re supposed to be hit confirming c.mk all day long or don’t play Ken. I’m sure they lose plenty of matches trying that and saying BUT I CAN DO IT IN TRAINING MODE WTF.

Stick with mp links, c. lks, and buffering for the shippu and you’re golden.

well remember to negative edge or drum your buttons. If you dont do one or the other though your gimping yourself. They make hit confirms and links alot easier to do. Or… Just dont play a character that require super hit confirms like Urien or Yang

I wasn’t really asking how to hit confirm Ken’s c.mk into SA3. I was just using that as an example, which turned out to be a bad example. Just wanted to know the easiest way to hit confirm super, period, which turns out to be negative edge/drum buttons. I really wanted to know if I should start the motion for super during the “c.mk” or whatever, or wait until after. And I’m guessing with cancels I should input the motion during and with links, after? But once again, thanks for all the help. Much appreciated.

I can do ken d.mk hitconfirm pretty well, but I don’t think I will ever get it 100%.

Strangley though, I have a harder time hitconfirming Q’s dash punch into super. I have read that it’s supposedly easier?

I probably won’t get an answer to this, but is there anyplace I can find the length of hitcofirm windows? Are there any more like Chun’s d.mk that are really really long?

You can hit confirm Ken SA3, Paul Lee and EdMa do it constantly, is just fucking hard to do