Hit Confirming: How The Hell Are You People Doing This?!

The title says it all.

I need some tips how I can practice hit confirming supers, because as it stands right now: It just seems impossible to me.

I just can’t believe that players are doing this on reaction to a hit. Is it really just practice, or is there some kind of trick to it?

I’m also playing on a controller (Nuby Anniversary Edition). Is there anyone else that plays with a pad and can hit confirm?

I normally don’t have much problems with the more technical aspects of fighting games, but I’ve been away from the 2D fighting game scene for a minute, so maybe I’m rusty…

But anyway, I tried going into practice mode with Ken and putting the dummy on “random guard” and practiced hit confirming low MK and low MP into Shippu, and it just isn’t helping.

Of course I’ll keep practicing but this is the first technical challenge I’ve met in a fighting game that I feel like I just might not be able meet, so please understand my frustration.

Props to the players that can actually do this shit on a consistant basis.

(Damn. Looking back at that post I look like a whiny bitch)

I would like to know myself.I use a pad and ive seen vids of hits that are just impossible to link supers from. :xeye:

mk can’t really hit confirm…cmp is way too easy…so is his overhead and s.mp

-I mean it’s easy…get a feel for the timing of the move then imput the super command torwards the end of it if it hits hit the button if not don’t…voilla!

Are you playing on a pad or joystick?

I’ve heard MK was hard, but I’ve also heard that it becomes easy with practice and there are players that consistantly HC it. I also see average Kens landing it pretty consistantly in matches. Are there any setups at all you know of for c.mk to Shippu, maybe taking the load off of trying to HC it a bit?

I can do overhead. S. MP…never tried. Don’t see why you’d want to when Ken has c. MP…

Meh. Says you. You probably don’t suck.



my suggestion for a c. forward (aka, MK) -> Shippu set up would be to train your opponent to tech throws. that just brings you another trick to the table, if you wanna say.

so when you play, just do the usual ticks or tricks into throws, like c. short -> walk -> throw. or c. short x2 -> walk -> throw. or c. short -> whiffed close s. jab -> throw. or close s. strong -> walk -> throw. lots of them.

anyways. once your opponent gets used to seeing you do these, you can screw with his mind even more by dashing back and then busting out c. forward -> Shippu if you see him whiff the tech throw attempt.


opponent is blocking so you do c. short -> walk -> throw. ok. he gets thrown. so next time around, you do c. short -> whiffed s. jab. he’s thinking to himself that he’s seen this before, so he tries to tech your throw. so right after you do the whiffed s. jab, dash back. often times, if your opponent is wary enough, you’ll see them whiff a throw, so just hit c. forward -> Shippu.

you can vary stuff like that coming from a cross-up as well. Daigo did it to KO in last year’s EVO.

e.g., cross-up with forward (kick does not hit. KO was blocking) -> land -> dash back -> c. forward -> jab Shoryuken

just a note though, it doesn’t have to be c. forward into something. some players just sweep.

so yeah, hope that gives you a little insight :karate:.


For the c.mp, you can always do the motion for the super (qcfx2), then, if you see it hit, press a kick button. If it doesn’t hit, then don’t press anything else. Then, you don’t need to worry about mashing through the full super motion. At least, that’s the method I know for c.mp. I’m too lazy to practice it. Too much thinking.

Or you could scrub it like me & use Genei Jin. No need for hit confirms! :smiley:

Same exact problem here. Granted, I only tried it for about 45 minutes, but it started to feel like a really insurmountable challenge. Like if you try this little game, you’ll find that no matter how much you try, you can’t consistently react faster than a certain time (which varies a bit from person to person).

But then, I don’t think hit confirming a c.mk is a matter of your brain being physically unable to react in time… so I guess it’s just a matter of focus and practice. Back to training mode ;]

lol i can do it but i guess. whether they block or get hit i bust out wit my uber suber!!

lol this is funny …you can’t react in a match to the amount of frames givin by cmk to cancel into super…consistantly, don’t try.The reason you see it hit so much is because of good footsies…practice that.Sometimes in a match you’ll be throwin c.mk and jus see it hit and react perfectly…but that can only happen like 1 in 5, jus practice chun-li everything she has is hit confirmable into super

I can hit confirm Ken’s c.mk about like 80% of the time. I like do the whole super motion, then kick. Most hit confirms are like qcf, (if it hits), qcf kick. For Ken’s I do qcf, qcf(1/2 way though 2nd qcf)mk, if it hits, super.

Yun’s standing close forward (launcher) hit-confirm into super is really good.

How to hit-confirm:
Punch your opponent across the face, then ask if it hit him.

Use both sight and sound. Go off both visual and audio keys.
If you eyeball the opponent, sometimes they go into a blocking animation before the hit actually connects.
There’s a sign that it’s gonna get blocked.
Also, the only difference between a Ken: SAIII from a crouch FWD and just a crouch FW is a 2nd button tap.
If you get used to doing a Double-Motion after most of your crouch FWD’s…
A little tap along the kick row is all you should be worried about.

once mope told me that when u cant link on dc with chuns c.mk into sa2 the watches the score, if the numbers shift he goes for it. i think this is a very technical way but seems to help a few people. in arcade =/

How do you hit confirm that? If he goes up in the air, press punch. If he doesn’t go up in the air, don’t press punch, and… fly up into the air, flailing helplessly? I might just be an ass right now, but since I do the tiger knee motion first, I’m going up in the air anyways.

Either way, I’d cancel off just about anything. Like walking! :smiley:

watching the life bar is much easier than watching the score

I can hit confirm Chun’s SA2 on dc too. Either way it’s very late. Alot like Ken’s c.mp/s.mp on dc.

You’re crazy. That’s much harder to do than Ken’s low MK -> super.

^ Seriously. Anything that K.O. and Mester don’t do consistantly vs serious opponets you don’t need to be doing with Yun lol.

lol hell yea

and it is easy to hitconfirm chuns c.mk, i sometimes dont even buffer X_x

i think negative edge helps. ie just release MK instead of pressing a kick button.