Hit confirming questions

I have been practicing my neutral game for a few days and have noticed an increase in my playing. But I’m having a hard time with hit confirming. For example in one video I saw diago hit confirmed his super after a cr. medium kick. Now the question is, was it confirmed of reactions or did he just know it will hit due to his observations? I see people confirming combos in the neutral game while I can only do it of cross ups and jump ins. Is it based off of reactions, reads, or both?

Not everything is a confirm, a lot of what you see is a cancel option select. ie the basic c.mk xx fireball, you cancel into the fireball fast and then the fireball will only come out if it hits or is blocked, not on whiff. Expanding on that, cancelling into super is a similar principle but you’d hit confirm it as well, so you cancel c.mk straight into the two QCF movements but hold off just enough on the punch buttons to try and confirm it. This is called buffering.

Ah ok is it possible to option select say ryus super to his cr. medium kick?

In what situation? If you’re throwing out super every time you use cr. mk there’s a good chance they’ll block it.

well the situations that got me to really think about it was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XKYAayVY48 around 9:57 when pr balrog hits and confirms into super, was that a situation where he knew he would hit or just really fast reaction? and also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaG-F0rZBtU around 2:39 this situation is more understandable cause it was a whiff punish.

it is not hit confirm, its a buffer, what they do is stand out or range and press a cancellable normal with a special or super buffered into it, if they make contact with anything the super is activated.

Ah k thanks makes sense now, it always seem nearly impossible to hit confirm off of one hit

There are some situations where people confirm off one hit. Sometimes you see your opponent whiff an attack, and you cancel the cr.mk (that you already committed to before you saw them move) into a super, because you know they are in recovery. Or off moves with high hitstun, like Dudley’s f.hk. Some people can hit-confirm off raw jump-ins. Crossup tatsu -> super is confirmable.

Dunno if this helps at all an is relevant but their is a special monochrome on the HUD. Every time you hit th opponent, a little light zips on the border of their health bar. This indicates the timing needed to link into the next attack. The light has to be near the end of the bar so as to indicate when to hit. With many characters you can just tap the buttons (Ryu) quick and not have to worry thus the light is normally slower for them. But for more complex ones like Vega, the timing is very quick and specific which is a pain in the ass. But the monochrome helps. Whether or not it applies to this situation with the kick and super, I am not sure but that does help.

I thought this was a misconception and the light doesn’t have anything to do with hitstun?

No it’s real alright. I use it as my guide. Check it out on Google, there’s more confirmed sources or I’ll put some links up if you wish?

Sometimes if you know your spacing, you know that if your move hits they either pressed a button or started to walk forward, which means it will hit if the normal connects.

First link on Google:

What’s your confirmed source? Not saying I have one, I’m linking Reddit, but I’m curious.

No, it’s not real. No one has ever provided evidence that this works. People have looked at the data of he PC version to confirm it doesn’t.

I had another question and didn’t want to make a new thread but when it comes to using jabs when do you guys use them besides for Combo starters for example in like the neutral game. Cause I know say after a cross up you would use jabs to hit confirm your combo or have a fast starter. Cause I find myself over relying on single pokes for example adon st roundhouse or ryus cr medium kick. It just seems like most times there are just better buttons than jabs and light kicks. Cause I see people going from a few jabs into a combo out of nowhere but it never seems to work for me. Sorry if none of this made sense

Cammy’s s.lp beats Balrog’s cr.hk and s.hk, and at specific ranges can be buffered into spiral arrow for a knockdown.

The thing about most jabs is that they’re a non-commitment. No, your cr.lp is not going to beat Akuma’s sweep at max range. However, it will stuff his s.hk on startup, or usually at least you’ll recover in time to block. They’re low-risk ways to control space.