Hit confirming s.MP into special


It usually comes out as a medium shoulder or c.mk

what exactly are you having trouble with, i dont understand your description.

you hit confirm with a cr.Jab, then link into st.Jab, then link into st.Strong, then CANCEL into ending special, which means input the cdirection for the ender the instant you press st.Strong, so you can then get the special cancel in time.


Can’t tell if trolling…your pressing the wrong button though if that helps.

Yun’s uppercut is with kick “Nishokyaku” on command list. . shoulder is with punch same motion.

And for op do you mean buffering behind the st.mp so that if it makes contact (hits,blocked,touches a focusattack) your move will come out? if that’s the case, what you want to do is right after you press strong, you input the command for the move you want very swiftly before the animation of the normal ends.

(remember that motions are saved in the game for a while. so maybe you are mixing up your directors before you press the mp button. if it helps, un scrambled your stick during the fight by going back then forward or tapping any normal first.

Perhaps you are holding the mp button too long so that it registers it for the dp motion when you release the button.

Yeah thats what i meant though i guess i held on to mp for too long and now im exectuting it pretty decently