Hit-confirming timing question (SSF4)

So I’m practicing hit-confirming with Dudley. From one of Thirtyfour’s thread i decided to start off with the c.LP > s.HK > HP.MGB/HP.Upper. I’ve gotten the core combo down successfully but ran into trouble when i use more than 1 c.LP (which i’m sure is the point of hit-confirming).
I do have my input display on to make sure i don’t mash out any unneeded inputs, and have the computer to random block. I’m thinking I just have to change my timing with the s.HK after more than 1 c.LP but not sure which is the reason for my post.
So i guess I’m asking would the s.HK need a different timing because of the extra c.LPs? Also is this a universal thing for all characters, timing adjustments because of extra hits?

Thank you for any advice/tips/links in advanced.

Nah, the timing is the same. c.lp is +5 on hit, and s.hk is 4 frames, so you have 2 frames to hit s.hk after c.lp has recovered.

Link timings relative to the previous hit don’t really change unless you manage to hit a meaty (which in this case won’t happen) and even then you’d just get more frame advantage, making the link even easier. What probably happens is that tapping jab twice instead of once is interfering with your muscle memory and you miss the s.hk link. It’s hard to say what your problem exactly is, but I personally tend to make errors if I’m too fast. Try slowing down the initial two jabs (so that they still link on hit); this gives you more time see if it’s blocked and abort the combo or do s.hk xx lk ducking instead

As an aside, a variant hitconfirm BnB for Dudley is c.lk c.lp s.hk xx whatever… It’s trickier, but c.lk will catch stand blocking.

The timing/combo potential off a chained, linked, or single jab is the same for SF4. Some other games are different (ST, Marvel, and Vampire Saviors). Only thing that can make multiple jabs bad is damage scaling (less damage) and pushback (your move whiffs because it doesn’t have enough range)