Hit confirming with Abel



I think your first sentence is just what I have to realize. Nothing is totally safe with Abel :frowning:

Alright Gents. Time to take all I’ve learned to some training/matches.


I only do this to DP spammers, even if they delay the DP, I still stuff them. Cuz that 0.2s is the key.


st.MP is 5 frames.
cr.LP is 5 frames.
cr.HP is 4 frames but whiffs on crouching shotos

If j.mk is blocked, the only way to not eat a reversal SRK is to block.


I’m trying to do that shit with my Abel more. Go on the offense, then randomly stop to get some reaction.


you sure about that? i thought that if the j.mk was deep enough there would be no window for reversal srk to come out, but i don’t rly know frames


Good luck landing a deep j.mk against shotos. (assuming against good shotos that is lol)


that’s irrelevant to what I asked, i was wondering about the theoretical possibility given that the deep j. mk did land and was blocked, i’m pretty sure you can continue the blkstring without eating a reversal given it’s deep enough. but yeah, thanks for the helpful, informative post


Well, ok my answer is its very likely that you still CAN get revesal srkd but given that the ryu has to be good to execute it(not sure about mashers but possible i guess). Satisfied now? lol

oh maybe its time to look at the frame data, never too late to learn ;o)


yeah good point, frame knowledge would be a good addition to my game, i guess i’ll go learn some