I can’t do it in SSF4. I have no problems with it in any other game except this. I see people do it all the time but I don’t get how.

I can do jab to shoryuken but I can’t jab jab (jab) shoryuken. The shoryu just never comes out. (I don’t use anyone with a shoryuken, just giving an example)

What could I be doing wrong? I’ve been practicing this for a while by the way

In Ryu’s case, you can’t mash the jab. You have to link it. Slow it down a fad and then cancel the jab with the SRK.

Interesting. That seems to be working. I assume you only have to link the last hit before you input the shoryuken? It’s odd having to link a jab in order to hitconfirm. Does this work for everything?

yes you only have to link the last jab. i think the basic rule is you cant cancel into a special move after a chain, only a link. though there may be some exceptions.

you guys are linking the jab?! I’m linking the shoryuken… just time the shoryuken after a few jabs.

In SFIV, you cannot Cancel into a Special after a Chain.
You have to do a Link prior to Cancel into Special.

An exception is Target Combo and Jump-in.
Like you jump in with a Normal, Chain to a Ground Normal, then Cancel to Special.

You can either
c.lp (link) c.lp (cancel) shoryu
c.lp (cancel) c.lp (link) shoryu

I think its better to practice the second method due to the fact that if you use the first method then you can potentially get reversaled between your jabs.

or c.lp (link) c.lp (link) shoryu

i’d take a reversal over a free combo from a blocked dp.

You don’t do the dp if your light attacks are being blocked :looney:

i’m talkin about if he does indeed hit the jabs, but misses the link. its an extremely easy link though, so i really don’t see anyone missing it.

i’m just saying that missing a link, whether it be linking jabs, or jab to dp, can have consequences.

something that I just got the concept for is the negative edge. Do the jab, jab link hold and down the last jab. then srk motion then release the button. Idk if you have this problem but I get nervous and hit the jab too fast but if I remember to hold it down the srk comes out instead of another jab.

I try not to negative edge, but I guess if I want to get good at this game I’m going to have to exploit it in every way, huh?

Yah as soon as you start to understand the things that seem insignificant to you, it really helps your game. I’m no expert or anything. I have been trying hard to level up and I really just try to soak up everything and find ways to make it work for me.

Dont negative edge the shoryuken. Your trying to get the linked shoryu to connect, and pressing and releasing a button counts as 2 inputs for all specials. If you negative edge you are making the link that much harder cause you will only get one input to work with.

It’s a 2 frame link with a free double tap(negative edge). Don’t link the jabs. This goes for all the shotos.

Some other characters will have to link a light attack, because their special is to slow to link. Most of these tho, you’re chaining two lights, then linking a third, so you still get enough time to confirm it.