Hit Confirming

I’m having trouble. i lose alot of matches because my low forwards sometimes wont cancel to super. I’m just not quick enough. I’ve watched many, many videos of players hit confirming. How in the hell do you hit confirm? Is it like a late cancel? Or is it even later than a late cancel? Please help you guys. Thx:shake:

shoto low forward is much harder than chun li’s

practice with chun li’s first.

on console it’s even harder for both of them but still possible for chun li to hit confirm consistently.

there’s many threads on hit confirms burried in here.

i’m a p360 mas stick user, so what i do is always low forward with downback. this way i’m sure to get the qcf qcf in when i’m walking. when spacing and trying to hit it i used to walk then accidentally go down-forward and it would not register my first qcf.

but if you’re using a jap style stick you can easily 360 to get 2 qcf’s, or just go from down or downback to up, then swing again for the other qcf.

there’s many ways to do it, i suggest looking at old threads and seeing what worked for people then trying them out.

keep this in mind. when you’re at whiffing distance, just input the super. the only way it’ll activate is if they walk or dash into it. now if you’re whiffing too many you need to be careful because they can walk in between and then block it, and your super will activate.

with that said, when you’re trying to counterpoke their foot with your low forward, just super if their body is out of distance. that way the super will only come out if you counter poked them.

Thanks Magneto, I’ll try that. I’ve been searching for the old threads on hit confirming and still haven’t found them yet. So, I’ll keep looking. thanks again. VA RUNS THIS SHIT!!! lol

do you mean simply buffering cr.mk into super or actually hit confirming it?

if your talking about hitconfirming it I dont anybody can do that

You can buffer super during cr.mk and simply confirm the hit by pushing or not a Kick button, or you can just see cr.mk really hit and do the entire motion of SA after.
Both are doable, just a matter of reflex. Easier with Chun…

Hit confirm is not a defined method…

cr.mk is a difficult hit confirm. A big part of it is knowing when players tend to block standing, familiarity with poke strings, and reacting to dash ins. I don’t think most players purely react to the hit animation like they do with easier hit confirms. I’d say stick to c.lk, c.lk for now.

thats what im talking bout, who the hell can confirm cr mk?

best I can confirm is cr.mp and thats 40 % of the time

ken’s crouching medium kick isn’t hit confirmable I call bullshit on that. Any time people are landing it it’s either a lucky guess or an option select. (i.e. whiffing cmkxxSA3 right outside opponents range so that if they move forward at all they get hit with both since you cannot move forward and low parry at the same time)

Even if you want to do this epeen crap where you claim you can consistently do it, it’s not sound advice for new players. Use what works and incorporate harder things when you can.

I’d use chun for hit confirm practice, although I think ryu is probably the best character for practice in the game since you can learn every concept with him. (normals, pokes, spacing, tick throws, kara throws, buffering, canceling, etc.)

in my case i usually prefer “hit and not super” than “hit and super but blocked”

and to hit ken’s low forward into super more often just pay attention to what they do AND when your low forward hits. if you play on console tournaments then you’ll probably never be able to hit confirm it on reaction. but in arcade it’s definitely possible, especially with the addition of looking at what your opponent did before you stuck out the poke.

i’m sure it’s easy for the average person to see if the opponent did something like low jab or whiff throw or something of that sort. then you get the extra time from the low forward to react.

“I cannot, so nobody can”.
Not really a good philosophy IMO…

ken’s cMK is definitely hitconfirmable but takes above average reflexes and strict focus to do.
It’s easier on arcade version since it runs slower - in fact I can hitconfirm it at a decent rate on arcade but it’s worse on ps2 (forget about emulators and inherent lag due to emulator and usb converters)



Practice against players who rarely eat a cr.mk. So when they DO eat it - your soul screams out for that super.

ehh with chun you can get away with only buffering one qcf then confirm hit and due the second qcf+k(s)

For Ken’s cr fwd, maks cr strong, etc its best to buffer both

slightly off topic tip:

If ken cr fwdxsa3 you in a non counter poke punishment situation if he late canceled it he probably can hit confirm it, if he canceled it immediately he probably can’t:looney:

no dont listen to people telling you that you can hit confirm it they are lying. best you can do is option select/do it as soon as you see your oponent dash on you/ when your at a distance and you think your oponent is open you can quickly dash and do it/ when your oponent is crouch blocking and you can feel when hes about to stand and you do it at this time

but pure hitconfirm, nobody can do that, practice hit confirming cr.mp instead

question is, have you ever played this game offline? :rolleyes:

I didn’t say that so don’t even go there putting words in my mouth.

Every time people talk about hit confirming low forward what do they say?

They say shit like “I try to see if they’re about to do something or time it when I think they’re not blocking low, etc.”

That’s not hit confirming, that’s educated guessing. Hit confirming is confirming something hits through pure reflex, then responding accordingly. You can get into a big semantics debate about buffering if you really want to go down that road or the subjectivity of the term hit confirm, but I’m really not into that.

I’ve yet to see any players that consistently hit confirm c.mk. Pretty much any videos you can find of low forward super can be explained by option selects, buffering outside ranges, or simply guesses,

And just because you have deluded yourself into thinking you can, doesn’t mean it’s practical for new players.

and how do you know that

Well, no offense dude, but that’s exactly what your writings mean.

Practical for new players? Of course it isn’t, nobody here tells to new player to learn to HC that shit…

So you think that all good Ken/Ryu/Gouki that do Cr MK into SA just try to guess or see opponent is not crouched or any other trick. Nothing make you think you’re wrong with the really high rate of success that good shotos have all over the world even if they land it 3+ by match? And that, even if opponent is crouched or turtle in low guard until he be catched of guard without doing any move or anything…
Well, that’s a way of thinking, no problem. Just not mine.

people landing c.mk into super isn’t necessarily indicative of a hit confirm, there are ways that make it seem like that but aren’t necessarily a HC.

Believe what you want, I’m not getting into an epeen debate over this.

Neither do i ^^