Hit confirms for Shoryu-reppa?

Hey. Before you come in and tell me I shouldn’t be using SA1, I know that SA3 is better in terms of being more versatile. However, I play Ken because he is my favorite character and Shoryu-reppa more accurately represents him as a character.

I’m by no means ‘good’ at 3s, as I’ve only been playing for about a week. However, I’d like to know if there are any competitively viable ways to combo into SA1.

All I’ve been using so far is jmk -> SA1, or using SA1 off a parry.

I’m pretty sure the target combo, and c.lk (x2) works.

close c.mp->link SA1 might hit but probably must be really close.

Yeah c.lkx2 up close->SA1, mp hp target->sa1.

Good punisher would be c.mk->mp dp->SA1.

Im sure s.hp->mp dp->SA1 works as well as a punisher.

That works???:confused:

c.lp/c.lk x2, super
chain strong fierce, super
c.mk, lk hurricane, cancel super.
close c.mk, hit confirm super.
close c.mk, mp shoryu cancel super.
close s.mp/fierce, mp shoryu cancel super.

I think that’s it.

yeah most jump ins work with super.

close meaty UOH

also for non competitive play - close forward roundhouse works if their crouching.

you mean the one where he sticks his knee out and then overheads like back+forward right?

almost sounded like something else there.

shroyuken cancel sa1 XD
I think low medium works…

yeah its toward roundhouse, rarely works but its always unexpected.

Mp -> HP xxx hadou xxx SA1 sucks

dont use that you wont get all the hits