HIT ME UP If You're Arriving Earlier to Vegas


Hey guys, I know some of you might be coming some days or a week earlier just to chill. I’m a local here, if you’re looking for games and such I can make sure that people are around for you to play etc. since I run the community down here. I’m trying to plan a small BBQ event for the community on the 4th as well at my company, IGL. Something where everyone pitches in a bit like $10 to cover cost of food then just plays to their hearts content. I’ll let you all know about that in a couple days. So, if you’re in town and are really itching for some games just hit me up :).

-Tha Hindu


This sounds like an awesome idea. I’ll be in Vegas on the 4th, so I’m totally down.


I’m moving to vegas the weekend before evo. I’ll definitely be there after I drop the wife off at the airport, ~7pm.


Arkansas will be in Vegas on the 4th as well.


I’ll be in vegas Hellfromabove! :smiley:


I’ll be arriving on the 3rd. Mainly planning to enjoy the Vegas night-life in the days leading up to Evo (especially the 4th), but I definitely want to get some Marvel crack sessions in when I can.


Glad to be getting a good amount of responses :).

Oh really? We have a tournament on June 30th. You should come down to grind a bit and meet everyone.

-Tha Hindu


nice, I was hoping to find something like this. I’ll be there from the 3rd.


I may be there on the 4th…


i will arrive at the 3rd but im not sure, after all its gonna be a 18+hours fight


I’m flying over from the UK, then driving from LA to vegas on the 2nd or 3rd!
I’m gunna be traveling alone so something like this sounds amazing!


I’ll be getting there early on the afternoon of the 5th, but I presume it shouldn’t be too hard to find something going down at Caesars itself by then.


Hope to see you guys there :).

Lol, yeah, get over that jet lag with some games yo!!!

Would love to have you down, the more the merrier. Get that last minute grind in with some of our locals :).

Yeah, we should have a bunch to do on Thursday. If you need a lift from the airport or something just hit me up. If I’m free I’ll be able to get you :).

I’ll be posting up information hopefully Saturday for this event. Keep your eyes peeled.

-Tha Hindu


So what usually goes down the night before EVO? This is my first evo


Nothing much to be honest. People just meeting up and saying “what’s up” if they haven’t seen each other in a while or a long time. Ballroom is not really open since they’re usually setting up the day before and Evo staff has all their shit they usually do. People are coming in from out of town and just busy drinking, gambling, and tryin’ to get some ass. There might be some rooms open Thursday night for casuals or money matches, but it’s usually few and far between. Who knows though, every Evo gets bigger and bigger. Everything really starts poppin’ on Friday though.

-Tha Hindu


Wait…we hunt for ass? Fuck practice…


This sounds perfect! I’m actually flying out to San Fran tomorrow morning before driving down the West coast. How should i contact you closer to the time? Should i just hit you up on here when i get some free internet!? or have you got an address where this will be happening? Nice one dude


me and two of my buddies will be arriving around 10pm on the 4th …would love to get some stuff going either that night or the following day


Myself and a bunch of friends are arriving from the Cayman Islands on 4th July, at around 6PM-ish. Loooong day of flights, but if they’re up for doing something, how should we get in touch?

We Caribbean people always come bearing rum. :lol:


Just PM me on here or hit me up for my number closer to the date.

-Tha Hindu