Hit me up with some requests:

i want to take some requests…hit me up:p

no animations
no av whores

Hey, Tetsu, if it’s not of any trouble to you, could you do something like the first tag except with Athena as her CvS2 incarnation?

I’m all right with anything you decide for the av as long as my forum name is on there somewhere.

If you can, then thanks a bunch!


np man:p

hmm…i cant find a cvs2 sprite of her…i looked all through fightersgeneration and they didnt have it…if you could get me the sprite then ill get to it:p

I request you STFU!

hmmm…if i could understand what u just siad…then i could prob. comment back…so will you plz refrase what u just said…or explian what your talkin about:confused:

I looked more this morning into finding a CvS2 sprite, but I couldn’t find one of her.

I did find her sprite from 2002. Could you use that instead? If so, then I have it here for you.

Thanks again!


alright…sorry it took me so long to reply…i havnt been home…ill so it right now:p

STFU = Shut The Fuck Up.

so why do u have to be an ass…im not a flamer…so im not going to argue…but what was your point in that

Just forget about it. Don’t hurt your brain.

here you go ninjmai…i hope you like it:p


alright dude…thats cool…ill be positive to make sure that i dont hurt my brian…just for you

how old are you…like 13-14

Good one. Assuming my age is such a horrible cut down. :frowning:

You just don’t even know the situation or me, so leave it at that and move on.

hmmm…i never assumed you were 13 or 14…it was a simple question…did u not understand that or did u assume that i was assuming…cause thats what i think happend

and i dont understand u…your right…thats why i ask questions

maybe if u would tell me what u meant by it…then i could say something like “lol” or something realated knowing the meaning behind what u siad

It looks really nice, Tetsu. I like the color scheme for the BG of the av. I can’t seem to make it the right dimensions, though. I keep trying to make it fit, but I end up cutting most of it out. Any suggestions?


EDIT: I got it fixed. The only thing is that my forum name is not on it, but that’s not a biggie. I really like the av, Tetsu. Thanks a lot!

lol…i didnt know that u wanted me to make u an av…u ask for one like the doom tag…so i made u a tag…sorry:(

hey can u make me and av with this pic plz!!!

just do wutever u like!!! K THX

here you go montana:p


Not bad bud,keep it up.