Hit Stun & Guard Stun Recovery?

ok i’ve been hard at work trying to up my game in marvel.

i’ve been hitting trainning mode to improve my excution on combos.

but i wanna know something that maybe some of you have been wondering.

Does Hit Stun = Gaurd Stun

let me give you the reason why i wanna know.

i’ve been focusing alot on the actually reason why people lose matches, and have found 2 things.

A) sometimes missing a combo can cause you to go on tilt( guy fucks up and says wtf.) thus this gives the oppenent a chance to comeback, and in alot of cases is what happens.

B) Now for the more on point reason for the Question of "Does hit stun = Guard Stun.

in a match sometimes people find it hard to get in on the oppenent to excute a mix up, throw, or combo.

example ironman vs cable

in this match up ironman needs to get in on cable, there is no way ironman can beat cable if he never gets in which is hard to do on a good cable player.

so what if instead of hoping to catch him with normal you use a special move + pro. assist.( in this case sentinel’s drones is a Ground assist but you get the idea)

(note that is from full screen away)
an example for that would be unibeam plus sentinel drones. if blocked or hit ironman has enough time to recover and dash in behind drones to mix up cable.

however if they take the hit on the unibeam the drones following will not combo, but they can not sj out because the drones are too close to let them without getting hit or blocking them. now after taking the unibeam they can call an assist but cable would have to take the hit of the drones to protect the assist, which is smart but leaves the cable in block. say that the assist is commando’s AAA, if ironman dashs in he will be just farway that he will miss because ironmans dash is slow and doesn’t go full screen, and ironman is still safe, and cable has just recovered from guard stun but ironman has the frame advantage to rush in on cable and on the guardless Assist.

However if cable chooses to block the unibeam…then what?, the drones will follow up but will cable have enough time in between the recovery of the unibeam and drones that follow to call an assist or even AHVB ironman and sentinel

ok if you are wondering how knowing the If Guard stun is = to Hit Stun in this situation would be useful, then let me inform you, by knowing Guard stun is = to hit stun i will know that yes they can call the assist, but what if …GS(guard stun) > HS(hit stun)

that would mean that cable is fucked if he blocks cause he will be hopeless to get hit or block the drones then get mixed up by ironman.

however what if GS < HS, would cable have enought time to jump out of the this Block String.

ok reasons why i know that if cable if taking the unibeam would be able to call an assist.

i have tried this in trianning mode, and the unibeam and drones will not combo, meaning that there will a point in between that yes cable can all the assist and then block.

Now by knowing that GS is = HS, then i would the know out come of this situation, and could plan more block string based on knowing the frames of the stun.

Also on a Side Note can you call an assist while you are recovering from the Guard stance, then immediately block agian?

all this so i can learn more about the game, and how to plan out certian controlled tatcis to limit my oppenents options.

Thank you to ANYONE that CAN solve my question and prove their answer.

hmm… i don’t know the main answer, but
what i and w/ mag players do is they trijump ad/df with 2 lks on the opponent’s head, then they mix up the trijump kicks with rom-speed lks so that it strikes once on head then one on low.

now in regards to the unibeam + drones gap, the gap is similar to magneto’s gap with the trijump 2 lk, trijump 2 lk. and during that gap when mag is ad/df lking the opponent, the opponent can continue blocking and call out an assist, but it can result in the assist getting hit by the next trijump cycle’s lk right after they come out so that they cannot perform their assist moves (leading to snapback / whatever punishing) BUT the opponent can still block.

i hope that answered your side note question? im not entirely sure myself sorry :wasted:

im curious about this post also

Ok i c that u have used a situation to answer my question.

it makes sense, but let me make sure that you understood my question.

i don’t mean after the Guard Stun recovery, i mean in between the Guard Recovery.

like say cable blocks a hp from sentinel, notice how when he starts to put his arms back to his fighting stance. that is the Guard recovery period that i’m talking about, can you call an assist at that point.

It technically isn’t in full block stance but can still be sent back to full Guard or allowed to neutral position.

those are the frames that im wondering if you can call an assist in.

Thank you for helping me out tho. i know that not many people would even try to answer my question. Most people that it’s too complix to answer, and that even if you would know, that i would be impossible to use the knowledge perfectly in a match, but i don’t give a fuck, i wanna know everything about the game.

still the question stands

Hit Stun = Guard Stun?
Hit Stun > Guard Stun?
Hit Stun < Guard Stun?

Summary of Questions

ok let me make it easy as hell to find the questions i asked.

Hit Stun = Guard Stun?
Guard Stun < Hit Stun?
Hit Stun < Guard Stun?

Can you call an Assist out in the Recovery of the Guard Stance to Fighting Stance(or Neutral position)?


COME ON GUYS, doesn’t anyone know???