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Single Clips
4 Bar+Goku assist (6898 Damage)
DBFZ Hit Combo 1 (4746 Damage - 3Bars)
DBFZ Hit Combo 2 (4317 Damage - 3Bars)
DBFZ - Hit Corner 2M 62%
DBFZ - Hit 66% Assist Combo

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i will update the startpost when new things come in. feel free to use this thread to discuss about this character.


As much as I want to play this guy i just suck too much right now to use him. But seeing those videos have given me hope to keep trying him.


its day 3 so dont worry about sucking with him. he has potential but strange to use and needs to get used to it…i at least hope so since i struggle too with him but i keep trying.


100% Combo

as he said it seems inpractical but still interesting.


I’m more interested in Void Stance’s reach to be honest. While I assume the three hits being meterless combo-able is corner only, I want to know more about how much it’s reaching across the screen


Thank you appo, for this thread!!
I’ve been having a blast playing Hit…(…whenever the lobbies aren’t crashing)


So do you guys think Hit is best used as point or as a second or third slot. I was thinking of a team with hit and Android 18 as the point but with bluegeta as anchor


Hit benefits so much from a basic beam assist I would recommend point. He also benefits from having a lot of meter though, so keep that in mind.


here’s some of my day 1 combos since this topic is trending


Dragonball FighterZ - Hit Combo Routes

DRAGON BALL FighterZ - How to Play Hit in 60 Seconds


Not easy to use, but it feels so good when you time skip counter someone into his 3 bar super.
Speaking of which, I’m going to run a test of what Hit can and cannot counter.


Death blow causes more damage than realized power but no one uses it


Tested Hit’s time skip counter against Goku Blue’s moveset.
Only thing I couldn’t counter was the Dragon Rush, the Warp Beam super and the Kaioken super.
I do remember accidentaly countering Frieza’s Death Ball super at one point.


who do you guys team him up with and at which place?

i thought all supers are not counterable. have to check that with freeza out.


Realized Power leaves Hit close and reaching the ground faster than Death Blow. Death Blow knocks them away while Hit remains stationary. Realized Power lets him continue his aggressive game while Death Blow is a full neutral reset.


Realized power seems to have faster start up then most level 1 supers. It’s a pretty good option against people that like to go nuts in the neutral if you have a safeish dhc


May be techable at some point.


Kazunoko is playing Hit.


So I’m assuming the Icy thingamabob on the ground is actually a grab and therefore not incredibly abuseable with assists?