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Sonic Pressuring with Hit


Hit Mid-Screen to Corner Combo by SonicFox


What are the mechanics of hit’s projectile?

There are different variations, but I don’t know exactly how to control them?

is it neutral, up and down?


Hit Breakdown - Dragon Ball FighterZ Tips & Tricks Video in the Startpost @3:59


DBZ fighter is;nt that heavy on team synergy or character placement but even witht hat in mind i feel hit can play any position well.

right now Im running

Nappa: Mid
Freeiza: Anchor


I dislike Hit as point. I think his crazy stuff only really matter if he has some nice meter to follow up.


So I guess the Unblockable is combo-able in the corner w/o vanish?


So here’s some footage of SonicFox’s more polished Hit

He seems to be using ‘delayed point’ Hit. He gets meter early on with Black, before switching in Hit with meter and 2 assists



thx for posting the video.


His ground ice


ah, okay. of course.
i actually had a pause with him due to issues with the overall game i had but since that seems to be gone
i will start to learn him properly. i am not sure if he can do it without assist at this point. i have to actually rewatch all the stuff i posted myself :smiley:


Anybody having success AGAINST Hit? This dude just flies across the screen, or teleports behind you, (nothin personal) or starts playing tic tac toe on your face from full screen. His L buttons are ridic, see the hitbox imgur pics: https://pastebin.com/iG5fwJMw
I’ve had him on my team since the beginning and think his oki and mix up is unstoppable w/ 18’s barrier. I feel like the only times I get hit or lose in neutral is due to a random movement +Super Dash or assist.

What are his weaknesses? It’s hard to tell with online guessing games. Is there a reliable 5S counter or bait, or counter poke strat, anyone with a long reaching low but with a tucked away upper hurtbox?
I’ve even had supers go in the wrong direction against him when trying to A18 22S~lv3 his oki. It just seems like a stupid character that also gets a quick one button reversal.


Hit doesn’t have much in the way of weaknesses. His assist is lackluster, he has to deal with extra start up on his specials, he lacks tools when he’s off the ground.

Basically one of the best characters in the game.


I thought he also had bad lows cause of their range and startup?


I don’t think it matters because he has cross ups, an overhead and low that have a similar startup animation, and comboable unblockables… You’re really more worried about the L/R, unblockable, no blocking during jump frames, mixup. Sitting there blocking, you’re already doing worse than 50/50.

edit: also his 2M low does not have bad range… instead it has…




I played today online with Hit and went LLMM and when I saw the guy blocked, I used 214S to take to space.
He tried to punch Hit out of his special backdash and got countered like I was using his regular 5S counter.

Is that normal behavior or did I press 5S in the confusion ?


you can always check your replays.
from what i tested there is no auto punisher from the 214S but i did just a quick test in trainingmode with some normals/fireballs.
maybe the circumstances where not right but as for now i just guess you did other inputs.



i think I’m gonna run Kid Buu/Hit/Black how does that sound? Kid Buu getting all the meter for Hit


If anyone is looking to become a better Hit player they might want to check out this guide.

Not my video though. A friend of mine made it and its pretty good. He’s been in the FGC for a while and was a top ranked player back in the Soul Calibur 2 days so he knows his stuff.

Consider checking it out.