Hitbox and brook universal or converters?


Hi all, so I was considering grabbing a hitbox or possibly building one.

If I buy an official one, does anyone know if it’s possible to mod it and get it working with the Brook universal fighting board? I kinda doubt the converters would work since the hitbox uses a Brook board already.
I’m guessing adding the universal fighting board wouldn’t be difficult just trying to confirm.

Some initial Google searching didn’t quite give me the info I need.

I expect the converters likely wouldn’t work but that the universal fighting board would work just like any other stick.


I haven’t tried a converter on any of mine but since most of the popular converters are made by brooks I figure they would make sure their converters worked with their boards. Who can say?
Getting the converters to work with something like the ps360+ just required forcing it into a specific mode (Holding down p2 to get xbox 360 mode with the x360/x1 to PS3/PS4 adapter).

What are you wanting to convert from/to?

With regards to getting it working with a UFB : You can definitely cut the wires and wire them directly to a UFB. It’s not hard.


Well I was mostly thinking about ps4 and xbox one.

Classic setups aren’t as big a deal to me. But if I’m going to spend that much I’d want to get something that works at least on ps4 and xbox one. As I primarily play ps4 and would like to have xbox one as an option for games like killer instinct.

I was also considering a hitbox layout case from tek innovations but kinda feel like I’d wants something a bit nicer and I’d guess a bit more sturdy. I mean 60+90+30 at least for buttons plus shipping and any tax and I’d be around the same amount. Gotta see how much shipping is on the hitbox site. I want to say $20.