Hitbox Arcade Plexi and Artwork? Need Help


I am interested in changing out the artwork for a friend’s Hitbox. I’ve seen how to open it up, but I then saw that the original Hitbox artwork is printed on the Plexi itself. How would I go about getting new Plexi for this Hitbox and does anyone print out artwork on the Hitbox layout? Basically I need to know some resources to get the artwork I want printed and Plexi for this Hitbox. I would also love some help in designing the artwork for it.


Best bet would be a search in these forums. There’s a hitbox thread or actually contact hitbox.


You can remove the print off the plexi but it takes a lot of work. Though i’ve heard you can get clear plexi from Hitbox themselves, They never once returned an e-mail from me regarding buying a plexi from them, though a few people on here have gotten them in the past and done awesome stuff.


I emailed Hitbox and didn’t get anything back from them after a couple of weeks so that’s why I hit the forums. I couldn’t find anyone who cut the Plexi or did Artwork Prints for the Hitbox size like they do Arcade Sticks. A niche market I guess.