Hitbox changes to Crane J.HP and J.MK

Hi guys, T.Suck Player here. I noticed some changes to the hitboxes of Gen’s Crane J.HP and J.MK. If this information has been known already please don’t troll or post a smartass comment :slight_smile:

I find this info on Eventhubs in the Gen section where the hitboxes are shown. I noticed there we’re 0 comments on that page so I’m guessing it was hidden and unknown.


thank you for your post :slight_smile: but no, you misunderstood the meaning of those pics… they’re both related to AE and show the different hitboxes of vertical and diagonal jump. The animation is the same but the hitboxes (and amount damage for the MK one) change

Oh, I see, I didn’t realize the different hitboxes we’re for different jumps. I thought one was for Super and the other for AE. Well, guess the info is good to know nonetheless :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that. Can you elaborate which one is neutral jump and which one is diagonal, I guess the pics on left are neutral jump hitboxes.

left neutral; right diagonal :wink: