Hitbox consistency issues on characters during certain frames of animation really annoy me


Does anyone else play a character that this affects on a regular basis? Let me give an example if you are confused.

Go pick Cody, then pick Akuma or Dudley or any number of characters in training mode. Have Akuma crouch while do you perform far standing heavy punch over his head. The move will whiff around 70% of the time and hit around 30% of the time even if you stand in the exact same spot. The reason being that the hitbox for the character sometimes moves slightly up during the idle animation since the characters are animated to look like they are breathing or something.

The fact one of your tools might not work for a reason that isn’t related at all to game balancing is really annoying. If it didn’t work AT ALL it would be less annoying, but for both the player using the move, and the player on the recieving end of the move, having the random chance it might work or might not is even worse.

Cody has a number of these types of things (he also has a number of normals that just flat out whiff on certain crouching characters but not others, his far s.HP far s.LP close s.LP close s.HK and close s.MK will all whiff on a crouching Honda (sometimes the close MK hits but sometimes not) but all of them hit a crouching Seth.

What is the difference between meaties on wake up and mid combo meaties and also

With Fei I noticed an issue related to this. Sometimes performing an EX Tenshin with character such as Rose, will not allow you to connect clHP afterwards, only a farHP will come out. It basically depends on how far the Ex Tenshin connects. If you do it point blank, it lands point blank. If you do it max distance, you will not be able to get clHP to come out afterwards. Go figure.


Hitboxes don’t change when a char “juggles coconuts”. distance and timing (midcombo) matter, however


proof or STFU


Actually characters hurtboxes are tied to characters body parts, they can be shifted or manipulated but they are actually attached. The locations are: waste, stomach, chest, head, (left or right individual variations on all the following), shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, and foot.

You could shift a hurtbox or hitbox so that it is nowhere near that particular body part but it would still technically be tied to it.

That is why there was the costume specific hitbox problem http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2011/aug/08/alt-costumes-ssf4-ae-affecting-combos-capcom-will-fix/ because the alt costume’s body part locations were slightly off in the alternate costume.

If you need more proof that hurtboxes do change during their idle animations. Take a character, ANY character (I find Juri is really good for showing this but it can spotted with everyone) and simply walk towards Boxer while he is in the corner. You’ll notice that you’ll occasionally walk forward a bit more and then suddenly get pushed back out even though Boxer isn’t doing anything but bobbing back and forth a bit.


This makes some combos and such not possible but also opens up some different and interesting combos. Like on crouching Gen or Akuma I can do cl.hp xx mp kikoken and then sweep or target combo because of the way they reel back crouching. But linking shit off of hasanshu is either harder or impossible.