Hitbox controllers dropping connection


Hi there guys.
I think almost 2 weeks back now my hitbox started dropping its connection to the PS4. It would be fine for a couple of minutes of gameplay and then the buttons would just stop working.
I saw a few post talking about the same problem at the time and some people said that there had been a ‘stealth patch’ on the PS4 which caused interference with some controllers PCB fightboards/hardware.

Does this mean, I have to wait for Sony to fix something in the PS4’s software before I no longer run into this problem or do I new to do something to the hitbox’s software?


This is something you can do now. Update your Brook Universal Fighting Board firmware. Check occasionally in the Brook thread for updates.



Does UFB firmware work on a Hitbox? I know they use knock-off Brook boards.

Edit - Nah the UFB firmware does not work for a PS4 Hitbox.

@shousetsu - you can try this 5/4 firmware:


However this update does not take on my PS4 Hitbox, so make sure you have the previous firmware still backed up to put back on if it is the same case for you. They said this was only a temporary firmware to fix the 4.55 PS4 system software update timeout, but the final firmware was supposed to be posted a week ago and has yet to show up.


Hitbox doesn’t use knock off Brook boards. They use Brook boards. It’s not the UFB though. It’s the PS3/4 Brook Fighting Board. You need to download the firmware update for THAT board and it should work. Make sure it’s not the one with audio also.


I’ll try that one. According to the guy that makes the things in the Hitbox thread they aren’t actually Brook boards, so I’m just taking him at his word on that one.

Edit - Yeah, no dice. Checksum fails.


I have an older PS4 HitBox. Downloaded the update, and the updater program keeps locking up and won’t update. Anyone else had this problem? I’m on Windows 10. I’m afraid I may have totally f*cked my hitbox…