Hitbox: How to do 360's

I haven’t seen much talk about this, so I figured here would be as good a place as any to put this. I should note that I’m playing on the 360 and I didn’t want to spend time on the waiting list for a PS3 model a few months ago, so I just made my own. As a result, it does have SOCDs and I’m not sure how that effects these inputs, but I’d love to hear from official PS3 players or No-SOCD modded players. Also, I’ve only tested this with Zangief and Hakan, since those are the only characters I play that have 360 moves.

The Problem: Using a stick, the normal grounded 360 input is b, d, f, u+p, which works due to the game’s fuzzy input system. You’d expect this to translate to the hitbox, but attempting this input will lead to a piledriver 0% of the time. There are a few other inputs that do work, however:

b, d, f, u, u+b+p - Works with Zangief only. This is the most logical input for this move in my opinion. After you press the up button, you can simply continue to hold it and press b+p to complete the move. This input, however, will not work for Hakan when he is on the ground; he’ll just jump backwards. It will work after a jump or buffered after a normal, however. Also, I should not that I’m using “u+b” instead of “ub” on purpose since that makes more sense for me when talking about an ABC.

b, d, f, b, u, p - This works for Zangief and Hakan. Strange, right!? The fuzzy inputs allow this move to work. Importantly, the input doesn’t have to be “u+p”. Every button can be tapped and released in rapid succession and the move will still come out. Also, to input this move a little bit faster, you can move your left hand over and tap b, d, with you middle and index finger, then move your right hand over to tap f with your right index, then b, d, then stretch your right hand to tap the desired input to complete the move. That may sound confusing to read, but I can actually get it to come out pretty fast doing this.

b, d, f, d, f, u+p - Works for Zangief and Hakan. Another very strange input. So far, this is a slightly slower input for me, but has the advantage that it relies heavily on the index and middle fingers, which are stronger for me than my left ring-finger.

That’s all I have for now, but I’m sure more inputs will be found as people experiment. And a word on 720s: I don’t think there’s a shortcut for this. The key to doing them, I’ve found, is that after the first circle, making sure you properly input u, u+b, b is the key to doing this move. If you’re looking at the inputs in training mode, if you don’t see the “ub” arrow, then the move will probably not come out. However, if you can get used to doing it, you can get the move to come out very quickly. For example, it’s pretty easy with Zangief to whiff a f+HK into a 720.

Hope you guys can find this stuff useful!

Would be interested to know this also, but more as I assume the same input will work on a keyboard and I often play SSFIV on a train and would like to not have to carry around an additional controller so would like to use the keyboard.

You say you couldn’t get b d f u to get you a 360? That’s unusual, as it works just fine for me. For SF4 it’s most important to make sure you hit all of the cardinal directions, the diagonals mean nothing. Knowing that, you should check your inputs and make sure you are hitting every cardinal direction.

You can even hit them in any order and it still comes out. B f d u, f u d b, d b f u, and anything else you can think of are ALL valid 360 inputs. You could even start the 360 from up if you wanted to (keep an eye out for the How to Hit Box: 360 video coming soon where we go over that, because it leads to something very special).

As for your own custom ABC, since it has SOCD when you hit left and right at the same time it lets the game figure out what to do with it, which in SF4 I believe results in a forward input. So basically, when you’re rolling a half circle or 360, if you ever hit left and right at the same time you get a diagonal and miss straight down, which as previously mentioned is a grave error in doing rotations. On a Hit Box with SOCD cleaning if you hit left+down+right at the same time, you get neutral down with no diagonals. It makes things easier as well as prevents cheating methods.

You’re blowing my mind. I’ll have to go try this. Hope you guys can get all that AkiShop cleared up so I can buy a real Hitbox.

I’m looking to produce more info in video form with Dustin on this topic very soon. A very intricate tutorial series is well into development.

I just wish we could get Mike Hagar to do the tutorial!


you forgot the easiest way to do it (in SF4 series): b, f, d, u + p

I would like to first apologize for the delay, my TV is half broken and doesn’t like to stay on without a lot of extra work.

But Hitboxing in the Lab - Episode 004 is here (Featuring Mike Haggar… kinda) and will feature TK, 360s, and FADC.


try this as well

f, d, df, ub + p

i think reverse srk, uf + p also works