Hitbox layout queries

Im going to be doing a dual mod for a razer atrox (xbone) in the future for someone’s friend and he has requested if i could take out the sanwa and convert it into a hitbox format. I’m mainly unsure about the standards of hitboxes like button sizes, button spacing, layout etc. so am wondering if people could lay down some words of wisdom/experience for my future project. also curious if a dremel would be okay to do the button holes in the atrox. many thanks and everything is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Atrox is bar none the WORST platform to go about converting to HitBox. The metal panel is extremely thin and recessed so deeply in the casing that it takes nearly 30 screws to remove it, then you have an exterior plexi with a far larger surface area – not to mention considerable thickness with special recessing for the top screws to hold in place. It’s not impossible, but you basically need to have metal/plexi fabrication tools at your disposal so you can do enough trial and error to get the two different panels to line up. I had two XB1 Atroxes until very recently and sold them off because it wasn’t worth the effort. I’ve converted damn near everything to HitBox at this point for various mods and projects, and I can say without hesitation that the Atrox is the biggest NOPE of the bunch.

Easiest: TE/TE-S + pre-cut HitBox panel and harness adapter from arcadeforge.net.
Easy but expensive: VLX HitBox panel or Panzer Fight Stick 2 with HitBox panel from Jasen’s Customs
Alternative ideas: Tek Innovations Tek-Case, check the Trading Post threads for people who do custom cases and they’ll be happy to cut to your request

The official HitBox layout can be found online. I use a slightly tweaked version that’s a bit more symmetrical, PM me if you’d like and I can send you some PSDs to play with.

Is it typical to have all buttons as 24mm except jump? Has anyone done a build with 24mm for down/left/right only or even 30mm for all buttons?

24mm is standard on these, yeah. People have tried various 30mm hitbox style builds, but the Hitbox guys were definitely onto something when they came up with the 24mm layout. It’s quite comfortable to use.

I can’t say much about the Atrox but I can vouch for @RageousX layout. He based it off the Vewlix template. I am very pleased that he took the time to refine the official “Hitbox” layout as it just makes more sense ergonmocally.