Hitbox Plug Issues

So I’m having issues with my hitbox and would like to hear some other peoples experience. I bought a hitbox with a ps360+ and I have been having issues with the USB port on the hitbox itself. It’s extremely loose and barely stays in. Now I bought an RJ-45 to USB cable to take advantage of that instead but it doesn’t actually get picked up by my computer. I get Unknown USB device(configuration Descriptor Request Failed). If anyone has had issues with either of these ports on the PS360+ or knows how to fix the RJ-45 to USB issue I would appreciate any insight. It may be the USB-B cable on my side since I did buy it from amazon and its not akishops actual usb. I still don’t think it should be as loose as it is however. Thanks for any help.

I doubt you have this tool, but you you have a multimeter?

Hitbox cables are crap, and this coupled with the fact that the PS360+ is one of the pcb’s that suffers from data corruption.

In essence, try a shorter USB cable.

I could probably get a hold of one. My uncle is an electrician I’m guessing he has one.

I’'ll look into finding a smaller one. I currently have the 13 foot one and I felt like that one unnecessarily long. I should have also added the fact that it works fine on PS3 and Xbox360. It’s just PC that I am having the issues.

Are you on Windows 7 with a 64-bit processor?

On Win10 64 bit

I used Win 10 64 bit and I able to use a PS360+

Try to reinstall your drivers if you can.
Also what firmware your PS360+ is running on. Hint it’s not on the bottom of the board.

Then again 13 foot long USB cable is too long even for me, I usually go for 10’ or 8 ’ cables.

You were able to use it via the RJ45 cable? The USB b cable works but I just don’t like how loose it in as it often falls out. The firmware it says on control panel is PS360+ v1.66.

I doubt it helps but you could always look into updating the firmware

Get a USB hub and try it. If it works on ps3 and xbox 360 and you’re getting a USB not recognized error, this should fix it.

Awesome! This worked! Not sure how or why it worked but it did. Thanks a lot.

Neither do I but it is a known problem if I recall. It’s a really simple fix and most pcs come with hubs built in so most people don’t notice it.

Hey guys you’re always welcome to come to us with questions over on hitboxes@gmail.com as well. I rarely have a chance to look at tech talk so if you have issues I’m always able to help over there!


Thanks for that Shawn. I’ll keep that in mind if I come up with any other questions.