Hitbox Priority Question


I am wondering why balrogs crouching hitbox beats moves such as blanka ball and honda headbutt.

Shouldn’t these moves trade if they are both active?



P1’s red hitbox touches P2’s blue hitbox = P1 wins
P1’s red hitbox touches P2’s blue hitbox and P2’s red hitbox touches P2’s blue hitbox = trade.


your saying that balrogs cr. jab is not a hittable hitbox when it is active?


I’m saying that it’s active hitbox (the red one) makes contact with honda headbutt and blanka balls’ vulnerable hitboxes before their moves penetrate deep enough to hit his.


Ok upon doing some research using hitbox training in hdremix. Balrogs crouching jab has unhittable hitbox at end of his glove while most of the arm is actually hitable.

Therefore, balrogs crjab beats blanka ball and honda head butt because tip of crjab is unhittable while it still hits the hitable hitboxes of blanka and honda.

Case closed!


Moves Like Blanka balls and Honda’s headbutt are made so that you can easily hit them out of it, they probably have no extra hitbox outside of their hurtbox, like most moves.