Hitbox Questions

I don’t have this game to test so I can’t tell but I’m interested in the following-- particularly for original ST but I imagine it’s similar for remix:

  1. What move of which character has the biggest red hitbox? Even better, Top 5 moves w/ biggest red hitboxes.

  2. What move (top 5 moves like this) has its red hitbox the furthest away (in front of? but not necessarily) from the same move’s blue boxes of the character doing the move?

I.e. the biggest separation of red box from blue box. Also, with the exception of projectiles, is it always the case that any red box automatically has the properties of blue as well? (i.e. you can hit them out of that move by trading with ONLY their move’s red hitbox- your red vs. their red; you are not overlapping any of their blue hitboxes. Just one red box overlapping with another character’s move’s red box.)

For 1), my guess would be vega’s wall dive, and maybe balrog’s moves esp super.

Bonus points for bottom 5 of each of 1) and 2)


You only count as hitting a character if your red box hits their blue box, period. If a red box hits another red box nothing happens. Red is where your attack can hit, blue is where you can get hit. They have to overlap for a hit to happen.

I’m pretty sure the single worst blue to red ratio in the game is Blanka’s low slide. It’s laughable, a giant sea of blue with a tiny red sliver in it.

Note that nearly all jabs /shorts have very disjoint hitboxes (red extends very far out past the blue) which is why you can’t uppercut a limb on a jab/short, there’s nothing to hit.

Well anything with invincible frames will have the best difference between red and blue hit boxes as there will only be red hit boxes for some of the move :wgrin:. Things like certain dragon punch moves, flame kick, buffalo headbutt, and most supers have some start up invincibility. Meaning only red hit boxes, no blue.

I think you were looking at moves that have both active red and blue hit boxes during all frames but you’re artificially isolating your potential move set that way in answer to your question.

Akuma’s dragon punches have enormous red boxes and ZERO blue boxes on the entire way up, as does Ken’s MP dragon punch, if memory serves correctly. Cammy and Bison’s supers have complete invincibility (zero blue boxes) for a pretty long time, too, and Akuma’s super is totally invincible until the very end.

Most uppercut-style moves have zero blue boxes on the first few frames, too. Guile’s Flash Kick has an enormous red box, but only for like one frame.

Jabs in general have pretty disjointed red / blue boxes, as does Blanka’s standing short kick. These are pretty good to stop Honda, Bison, and Blanka’s horizontal charge attacks.

Zangief’s lariats have totally crazy hitboxes, very disjointed.

For the largest blue hitboxes, check out Dhalsim’s stretching limb attacks, all of them have enormous blue boxes and surprisingly small red boxes. Sagat’s Tiger Knee also has a really tiny red box, it’s very vulnerable.

For Dhalsim’s standing jab (I’m thinking of the straight one, not chop), how does it compare in terms of “disjointedness” to everyone else, say Ryu’s standing jab? Is Dhalsim’s standing jab’s red box further away from his blue box, compared to Ryu’s?

Thanks Margalis- hm I always figured that any red box would also have to be blue (have properties of blue/can be hit out of) but now I can’t remember why… it’s been so long since I thought this deeply about hitboxes. btw for Blanka’s slide, are you saying that has the worst ratio of square red area compared to total blue area, or that it’s the worst because it’s dead center of the blue or at the very bottom (and therefore easiest to be hit out of)?

I couldn’t quite see from RC’s youtube video of blanka’s electricity hitbox where the “purple” overlap is. Contrasted to his slide, the red is about the same size as blue for that move?

Im imagining bisons head stomp having the biggest red hitbox

Or maybe hondas head butt / super

what’s this, honda’s super has a red hitbox now?

I hope so! Red is the part that hit’s people. :wgrin:

Seriously though, Honda’s always had both red and blue, even in ST. He’s invincible on startup, but not while he’s horizontal and flying forward. He does eat fireballs when he’s flying, but he’s not completely invincible.

Yeah I was just kidding, because Honda’s super is the worst in the game, there’s no way it could have much red or be all that far away from its blue. It’s rare to get 3 hits, let alone all 4 of it.

speed and "disjointed"ness of a move seems to = low damage and probably low number of frames

speed in terms of total frames I guess, even recovery frames. so I wonder what differences there are for each char’s standing jabs.

Thanks for your reply in other thread Sweetjv, good to finally hear back, so yeah check out my program, apparently it caused me to get banned from spamming it in #capcom and they had such a fit, next thing you know srk is putting up all these informercials of their own for real commercial/for-profit products, giving them second chances on the front page when I never got one. :slight_smile:

No way it can be worse than blankas. I looked at the second hit of hondas super and the red hitbox goes to like the top of the screen.

I still think bisons headstomp has a crazy hitbox. Ive never looked at it but it never seems to lose to ANYTHING.

Well again I don’t know about hdr but in ST Honda has the worst super in the game (despite what s-kill said while commentating during a tournament match-- and it was very funny when he said that but it’s actually Honda’s that’s worse (beyond hitboxes- other properties contribute to Honda’s being worse than Blanka’s, strategically, which we don’t need to get into here but happy to discuss that too). Strictly in terms of disjointedness (red being the furthest in front of blue):

E Honda Hitbox
most of his normals look to me to have more disjointedness than his super. Pause and watch from 4:01 into the video. He looks invincible (no red, but no blue) until 4:06 or so-- THAT frame with the one big red box and no blue at all IS very big. I could be wrong- the boxes are made translucent so I might be missing a blue box or focusing on only one frame of a given move where there is no blue box, but a two or three frames later there might be one I missed.

At 2:33 he starts his headbutt regular special move which is comparable to his own super’s (only his JAB one, not the others have that box).

Blanka Hitbox vid paused at 3:51

  • his super starting up it has a bounce and with the shadows of the super, it’s hard to see if there is any blue box or where exactly the first blue box appears in his super. Even the red box is light due to it being translucent so hard to say exactly if I’m looking at red or “purple” (red overlapping some blue box).

At 4:00 in Blanka’s super, it seems the blue (purple/overlapped) is only(?) in the center, well soveirgnly surrounded by all red on all sides. And in his front side, the red extends very far past the center blue core box, much more than Honda’s super. It also has significantly much more red on the top side compared to Honda’s top side.

Technically I guess this isn’t “disjointed” (?) because the red in these moves extends so far back but that’s not too relevant I guess because it’s all gravy-- the critical point I want to know about is how much red extends past how much blue (and what types of moves they are, as mentioned it seems jabs get away with this the most).

Again though, it’s hard to see exactly because they made the boxes translucent instead of clear borders of the boxes like in Yoga Bible-- it looks like many frames in this super have his head and/or feet blue boxes rotate around the center within the red. Even in those particular, specific frames though, that is “worse case” and still comparable to Honda’s disjointedness of most-red-in-front-of-blue.

btw you can click and drag the youtube vid’s cursor thumb thing that progresses along the red bar under the video to basically where you want it while the vid is paused, also I bet there’s a way to contruct a url to start youtube vid from a specific time into the video.

Re: Dictator’s headstomp-- again, strategically, this one move can definitely be used to good effect but I think it’s mostly just in the controlled flight mode ability of it and I suspect it doesn’t extend very high (so maybe just a bar along his feet, but he can control it easily). By the same token though, that’s why I suspected vega’s cheap wall dive where he speads out his arms (original ST) to have some ridiculous hitbox properties, but maybe it’s just in other properties and factors of the move like flight controlability and speed.