Hitbox SFV

can anyone confirm if hitbox arcade is working on SFV for steam?

Hitbox arcade sticks or the streaming service…?

hitbox arcade sorry i just realized i was not specfic.

Yes- with some caveats.

  1. You may need to hold down medium punch as you plug in the controller in order to have it boot in “360 mode”.
  2. If that doesn’t work, restart your computer with the controller already plugged in. When it boots it should work. Normally #1 works for me, but when it has failed #2 has done the trick.

If neither of the above work, you may need to update your hitbox firmware and try again. Theoretically these shenanigans won’t be needed when controller support gets updated, but for the time being it will get the job done.

I am using the new PS4 Hitbox on PC with no issues. Having to use JoyToKey obviously.

My Xbox One Hitbox works on SFV out of the box, yeah. The PS3 & PS4 ones require JoyToKey or x360ce or some other XInput wrapper to work until they get DirectInput support patched into SFV. If you have a PS3/360 Hitbox it will also work out of the box when in 360 mode (as Sehnder described).

So did I just waste my money purchasing it for the ps4 since it will not work ? Does it at least work out of the box on a ps4? What is the input delay like with joy2key ? This is a little depressing I’m not gonna lie.

Well, if you got a PS4 Hitbox it will work out of the box on a PS4, yeah. On PC you just need to use one of the pieces of software I mentioned and it’ll work fine. I haven’t heard any reports of input delay when using an XInput wrapper. At some point they’re going to patch in DirectInput support for the PC version and that step won’t be necessary.

Edit - well technically you will probably want to update the firmware for the PS4 Hitbox that is on their website before you use it on a PS4 so you can avoid the 8 minute timeout thing, but the firmware upgrade is a one time thing and takes less than a minute.

I’m using x360ce, as I heard that joytokey adds some input latency, but either works!

I ordered it today so it is not in my possesion just yet. I wrote a e-mail to them about compatibility with the pc but never heard any response back. I decided to take the chance over the hori which i can confirm works out of the box. On PC , PS4 and Ps3. This is my very first hitbox and I have fantasied about the idea for a long time. I should have probally done more resarch. I did not even check to see if there is problems with the hitbox and windows 10.

Now i have to find out which is better between x360ce and xpadder.

It actually isn’t a big deal at all. Obviously the X1 Hitbox is a little more ideal on W10 but it isn’t going to take hardly any effort to get up and running on the PS4 Hitbox either. Don’t sweat it.

anyone have the layout for the hitbox so I can design some artwork.