HitBox Tech Inquiry

Hey guys. Got a bit of a problem with my hitbox that, not surprisingly, Hitbox support won’t respond to.

I just picked up the PS4 one and the X-Button is buggy. Sometimes it’ll go into this mode where holding it down causes it to input rapidly multiple times until you release it. With that being said, it presents problems because sometimes I’ll press it to get one input and it won’t input the button at all because it’s trying to “pseudo-turbo” input.

I e-mailed Hitbox themselves 3 weeks ago and they won’t respond to help me out. I don’t know how I would go about removing the back to try to fix it myself. Just curious what you guys might consider doing to fix this issue.

Several people on reddit had this problem. I think the solution people gave was to hold Start and press the button to deactivate Turbo, but I could be wrong.

Oh lawd you’re the MVP. That fixed it instantly. It makes sense now that it’s that one button as I tend to mash that with start to get to the next round lmao.

Thanks so much for the info man.

Maybe with a future update they can change the way this turbo feature is activated/deactivated, because it seems like right now it is just something people just turn on unknowingly. Either that or a firmware option to outright disable it.