Hitbox, triggers always on. Help


So I managed to get my hitbox working after installing the ps3ps4 board firmware from brooksaccessory.com, but now when I plug it in my hitbox always has one of the R2 or L2 buttons active. In x360ce the trigger registered as pressed always and only switches when I press the other trigger. Sometimes that doesn’t even change the pressed trigger.
I don’t think it’s the buttons since they all make the same name and return to place. Anyone know how to fix this problem?

  1. What happens when you plug it into a PC, and check the inputs in the Devices and Printers section?

  2. Take clear pictures of the insides of your hitbox. It’s really hard to help diagnose/troubleshoot with just a basic description of the problem.



  1. Alright so when I plug it in and check it in windows, it’s seen as a xbox 360 controller. The z axis starts in the middle like the x and y axis but when I press l2 it goes to 0 and stays there until I press other buttons a couple times or press r2. When it’s in the middle pressing r2 makes the bar full until I press other buttons or l2. Sometimes the pressing other buttons doesn’t work and it stays until I press the opposite trigger.

  2. http://imgur.com/a/HRZkc Here are some pictures, if they aren’t satisfactory tell me what you need a better view on and I’ll get it.


Hmmm. Not sure I’ve seen this issue, unfortunately.
You should try asking in the [Brook PS3/PS4 Fightboard thread](Brook PS3/PS4 “Fightboard” PCB Thread you’d get the best specialized responses there.