Hitbox vs Arcade stick

Hey guys was just wondering what do you guys think is better to play with the new hitboxes or a arcade stick? I have a arcade stick and was thinking about switching over to hitboxes because it looks easier to use…i have trouble triangle jumping and magneto air combos, but with the hitboxes from the demos i’ve seen it looks easier? I know its probably subjective but i want your input on this.

It’s a common misconception that the Hitbox is ‘easier’ to use, since easier doesn’t really tell you why its easy.

Some motions are inherently faster on a Hitbox, everything else being equal. Hadoukens and SRK’s for instance can be put out in 2-3 frames (this is not impossible on a stick however).

One slightly less factual argument is that on a Hitbox, you can’t blame hand motions screwing up your inputs any more. Forward is forward – not up-forward and back is back – not down-back when you’re only pressing one button. HOWEVER, this can also make it harder to use, since the Hitbox is very unforgiving for lazy inputs in that regard (trust me, I know from painful experience).

I’m sure you’ve heard the whole preference argument by now, so I’ll say that if you think that the Hitbox is flat out easier than a stick, you would be surprised.

Oh i see you make a good point, so what do you think about it? have you switched to a hitbox?

If you’re going to use one, don’t just use it for SFIV! The input leniency will make you lazy and some really bad habits will form! That goes for stick as well, but doubly so for a hitbox.

I have been on a Hitbox for 2 months. Despite the tone I took in that post, I absolutely love it. It’s just that its not as ‘easy mode’ as everyone (aka Aris or Nerdjosh) says it is.

Yes, I probably won’t screw up my inputs, but its a harsh teacher as well. I get really frustrated that my SRK’s don’t come out sometimes, and that’s because the box demands F, D, Df 100% of the time. If it was on a stick, I could go F, D, F without really thinking about it since to get to F from D, I’d hit Df anyway.

As for positives, I find doing TK stuff on it much more consistently, especially TK srk (TK Hadouken is surprisingly harder for me though).

There are a lot of benefits to the hitbox, but certain motions like 360’s and 720’s and perhaps if you play a game with a prezel motion, I imagine that it will take a lot of time to do those faster than on a stick. Also the jump button is not as intuitive at first and something I could never get used to when I hacked together a hitbox ghetto clone.

Trying to learn KOF13 using hitbox, it’s the most strict game I’ve played so far about HCB’s. You have to learn how to hit it slow enough or else you’ll get df > db without the down, which doesn’t count as an hcb / hcf in KOF13.

So it’s a tradeoff. half circle motions (and of course 360s) are harder but IMO a lot more stuff is easier. For example, a lot of chars have a move that’s like dp+P drive cancel into qcf +P, but if you’re not careful you’ll get a qcf x2 +P super. While it’s not “difficult” to do on a stick, it’s trivial to make sure you don’t let off down using hitbox.

Another example would be going from down to forward/backward without hitting the diagonal, again not impossible on a stick but IMO easier on a hitbox.

Bottom line, it’s mostly preference. Both have a learning curve.

Oh i see…well i play UMVC3 mostly soo…im not too sure yet:[ I wanted to give a hitbox a try but its a pretty big investment especially if you got a fight stick already. But i don’t know if its worth getting a hitbox will i see my game improve? reminding you guys i play umvc3 mostly.

I’m using hitbox for KOF XIII as well and find it far far far easier to use a regular stick for trial mode. Although I’ve only had the hitbox for a little bit, I’m just wondering how on earth do you go from a 2LK to a HCB motion without having it misread the input or a crouching LK, standing LP to a charging move when your are holding directional buttons like that.

On the flipside doing the varying levels of hopping comes naturally with the hitbox and charging moves are fairly easy to execute.

Yea thats true…

Half circles are easier than you think. Plink till you have all the buttons down in the direction you want to go, then negative edge them off till there is only the end direction you want. Thanks to the left and right being neutral, that motion would be quite easy. Doing it this way, you’ll NEVER screw up the HC motions again. You’re on your own for me helping you with 360 and 720s till I decide to get KOF 13 [probably not] and my Hitbox arrives.

If you are on a mc cthulhu I might have a fix. I had a problem with hcb/f on a mc cthulhu until I changed to the 1ms firmware. Then it didn’t matter how fast I put in a hcf, it would go off. With the 10ms it seemed like the only way to get a hcb/f to work was to hold b then do a df.This was all in 3rd strike OE.

I’ve been on a Hitbox for a year now. I went from pad to stick to hitbox. IMO Hitbox is superior. There will be a leaning curve.

Hit box takes some getting used to, but its pretty good. I made one out of a hori rapex, but sadly it sits collecting dust because I’m just too used to stick.

I’ve been on a hitbox for about a week, and my execution has improved a lot, I play UMVC3 mostly and hadoukens and shoryukens are a lot easier to do, but so far there is one thing I can’t get used to: the neutral game, for example, when I’m doing combos in the hitbox I don’t get confused about the up button being located down and the down button being located up, but, when I am moving around, trying to block, superjump, etc. I get confused about that buttons, for example, when I try to chicken block I block low and I get hit by an overhead and a lot of things like that, but like I said before I’ve just been on a hitbox one week, IMO it’s easier to do combos in the hitbox but you have to get used to it in the neutral game.

Skrawny, what’s this 1ms firmware? I haven’t updated mine in a while. Are you talking about an improvement in an official release or some hacked firmware?

It’s an old, if relatively obscure rule in SRK that “versus threads” are not allowed.

The fact of the matter is, what’s “better” more often than not comes down to “what works best” for you. What’s “better” will most likely be different depending on who you ask. My advice to you then would be to actually go and try it (the HitBox) out to see if it is “better” for you.